About CrimeTV

CRIME. Man’s most pervasive flaw. From the streets to the boardrooms, and through the chambers of government all around the world, crime is everywhere, every minute of every day. It drives media, it informs culture, it erodes the fabric of civilization and order. No subject is more compelling…or more destructive. Yet, we cannot turn away. We’re fascinated by crime in all its many forms. It thrills us. It empowers us. It reminds us that despite all of our technical and intellectual achievement, we share a common vulnerability to which no one is immune.

CrimeTV.com is the first social media network exclusively dedicated to this fascinating genre. From lurid slasher movies to vintage film noir and from gut-wrenching news stories to shocking user-generated videos, CrimeTV.com explores the boundaries of crime entertainment and unites an expanding universe of voices, points-of-view and platforms to create a unique social resource—covering every aspect of crime, both real and imagined. The lifeblood of CrimeTV is the viewer—by watching and uploading videos, creating articles and actively sharing information and content, users ultimately shape the CrimeTV.com experience.

Crimetv.com brings the worlds of entertainment and truth together and shines a spotlight on the darkest shadows of the human heart, exposing all things criminal. No subject is more compelling. There’s a world of bad behavior out there, and our mission is simply to capture and expose its raw, elemental state. Take a look and be a part of it—you’ll be engaged, entertained, even enraged…and you’ll be changed from the experience.

CrimeTV.com is all crime, all the time. Welcome to the digital underworld.

--Borris Bazelais, Founder & CEO