List of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom episodes
Released July 08, 2009 (Vol. 1) September 30, 2009 (Vol. 2)
Genre SoundtracksOriginal Score
Label Lantis
Producer Koichi MashimoYoshiyuki Ito


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List of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom episodes

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This article is a list of the episodes of the Japanese anime series Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~, which is animated by Bee Train and directed by Koichi Mashimo under the Project Phantom group. The series went on air on April 2, 2009 on TV Tokyo. Subsequently the show also aired on AT-X, TV Aichi, and TV Osaka.Funimation Entertainment is streaming the series for its North American audience.The series is about a Japanese national who gets kidnapped by an assassin syndicate called Inferno after he had personally witnessed an assassination while visiting the United States. Inferno is a criminal organization attempting to unite all known underworld mob gangs into one conglomerate. In order to achieve their goal, Inferno deploys its assassin operatives codenamed Phantom. Among them is an amnesiac girl named Ein and the Japanese national, who was given the name Zwei as his codename after being brainwashed of his previous memory. The anime's plot is more complex than the video game as there are underlying meanings and symbolism involved but they are thoroughly explained in detail in the episodes list below as not understanding these will result in the ending making no sense and being ambiguous to the viewer.An announcement regarding the show was first announced in the January issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype magazine with Yoshimitsu Yamashita, Mutsumi Sasaki and Yoko Kikuchi being the main animators with Bee Train being in charge of animation. Soon afterwards, a promotional video of Phantom ~Requiem of the Phantom~ was broadcast on Biglobe. Music for the series is created under Masumi It?, using the alias Hikaru Nanase. For the first 19 episodes, the opening song "Karma" is written and sung by Kokia and arranged by Hikaru Nanase, with the ending song "Jigoku no Mon" (????, Gates of Hell?) is sung by Ali Project with CD singles released. From episode 20 onwards, a 2nd opening song "Senritsu no Kodomotachi" (???????, Children of Fear?) is sung by Ali Project with a 2nd ending song "Transparent" written and sung by Kokia and also arranged by Nanase. In addition, the OST of the show with CD singles by Ayahi Takagaki and Miyu Irino have been released to the public on July 8, 2009.The Japanese DVD releases of Volume 1 came out on July 24, 2009 with subsequent releases from Volumes 2 to 10 on August 25, 2009, September 25, 2009, October 23, 2009, November 25, 2009, December 22, 2009, January 22, 2010, February 25, 2010, March 25, 2010 and April 23, 2010. FUNimation will release the series on Blu-ray and DVD in 2011. A manga adaptation of the show is to be published in tank?bon form on May 23, 2009 by Media Factory and Nitroplus, with the manga being illustrated by Masaki Hiragi under Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive's February issue.


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EP#TitleOriginal airdate
"Kakusei" (??) 
April 02, 2009
A teenage Japanese boy wakes up to find himself alone in an empty room with no memory of his own identity or past. He surveys the room he is in and discovers he is a Japanese tourist and suddenly realizes the only thing he can remember is that someone was trying to kill him. While he explores the seemingly abandoned building, he is being monitored by an ominous looking man collecting data on him, he is suddenly attacked again by the masked person from his memories and is told to fight with everything he has or die. Meanwhile, someone is remotely watching his actions. Deciding that he wants to live, he fights back and momentarily gains an advantage; as he attempts to make a killing blow, the mask cracks and his attacker is revealed to be a girl. A vision of a playground is shown the girls true self or soul and the boy's own is shown, the fact that the boy is still unaware of who the girl is after the flashback reveals that the person on the swing next to the girl is in actually his trueself or his soul, when the flash ends reality comes back into play. He attempts to leave but finds himself surrounded by a desert and the girl, no longer attacking him and introduced as Ein, she tells him he will now either live on as an assassin named Zwei or be killed. These scenes are interspersed with a flash forward of Zwei and Ein working together as "Phantom" on an assassination mission. Ein, poses as a maid, along with Zwei, manage to eliminate an entire household of armed guards and the head of a mafia boss in Las Vegas, once again proving their absolute power and indispensability to a mysterious organization called Inferno. 
"Kunren" (??) 
April 09, 2009
Ein conducts personal training to Zwei after agreeing to work with Inferno for several days, ranging from sparring in martial arts to small arms use in order to hone his skills as a potential Inferno assassin in upcoming Inferno-approved missions. Claudia enters the complex right after Scythe Master picks up Ein without revealing her presence and tells Zwei about the objectives of Inferno, as well as to give "hope" to Zwei that he can find out who he is before she leaves him with a goodbye. Meanwhile, the Scythe Master deploys Ein in an assassination mission somewhere in the United States to kill a person of interest. 
"Jissen" (??) 
April 16, 2009
After more training with Ein, Zwei is going to be tested. He has to kill a man named Captain Wallace of the Navy SEALs, who sold weapons to Inferno, but because they weren't his only costumers and he sold many weapons to terrorists. Wallace eventually sullied the name of Inferno and put them in danger of being suspected by the FBI after an FBI agent was found dead in Mexico, forcing him to beat Zwei and defeat him in a duel to the death in order to allow Inferno in rebuilding his life all over again. After hesitation of killing Wallace and almost being killed by him, his assassination skills awake because all he wants to do is live and he shoots Wallace in his head after wounding him by using a combat knife to stab him in Wallace's right arm. After the killing Zwei regrets what he did, Ein explains how to deal with his inner conflict by completely accepting "Zwei". He refuses and Ein agrees to kill he closes his eyes to accept his fate but Ein fires away from him causing "Zwei" to completely awaken since he wants to live. 
"Ansatsu" (??) 
April 23, 2009
Ein and Zwei are given the order to kill Don Lucio, the boss of a mafia family based in Dallas, Texas as their first assignment together. Because he never leaves his mansion, the two Phantom assassins have one chance in either making the mission work or not. With the unexpected help of Scythe Master, who drove in to assist the two assassins in making their getaway, Ein and Zwei were able to successfully kill their assigned target and flee for safety. The two were later sent abroad to lie low due to the success of their mission. Zwei contemplates on how he had been indoctrinated successfully by Inferno as a now skilled hired assassin and killer. 
"Setsuna" (??) 
April 30, 2009
Inferno tries to establish contact with a mafia family somewhere in Los Angeles led by Tony Stone, who was currently busting up individuals selling drugs at Melanie Square personally. During this time, Claudia invites Zwei over to her estate in order to act as her secondary bodyguard and a spy to maintain recon on the mafia itself and Tony Stone's family. When the meeting for Inferno to conduct its influence on Melanie Square was not working in their favor as Tony refuses to do so, Tony tries to kill Claudia and Lizzie to show Inferno that they won"t back down but Inferno anticipated the likely event and Ein and Zwei are deployed to wipe out the entire mafia and assassinate the wife and only child of Tony to prove that Inferno is a force to be reckoned with. In this episode a can is heard falling with strange dog walking in an alley, the significants of this along with reason a shadow of a holy cross will be revealed later on. 
"Taika" (??) 
May 07, 2009
The surviving members of Tony's mafia plan revenge against Inferno by planning to release crucial information on certain mobsters who are suspecting of supporting Inferno from behind the scenes to discredit and make the outside world aware of its existence and as a result be eliminated from the inside because Inferno relies on absolute secrecy of it's affairs. However, Inferno in aware of Tony Stone's plan, Scythe master seizes the opportunity with his own secret agenda in mind and proposes a plan to conduct an assassination spree on all anti-Inferno mafia leaders and personnel in the West Coast of the United States with Ein and Zwei being in the forefront working with Lizzie to carry out the assassinations on the orders of its top leaders under insistence from Claudia. At a scene with Elen and Scythe Master, who is taking pictures of Ein for data purposes, reveals his hidden agenda to change the world using his will instead of God's will and knows that God is watching everything that transpires to lead up to that goal. Thanks to their efforts, Inferno was able to plant their own leaders to replace those of the assassinated and solidify their influence in the area. Strangely the same dog from the previous episode shows up once at the beginning of the episode at Ein and Zwei's apartment and again at the grave where Tony Stone and his family lay. 
07"The Past"
"Kako" (??) 
May 14, 2009
Ein leaves Zwei to meet Scythe Master, while Zwei decides to practice his driving while she is gone. However, McCunnen appears and begins to move in on Zwei, to which Scythe Master warns Ein not to let the infatuated McCunnen steal Zwei away but Ein is not worried as she believes Zwei is not necessary for the mission, Scythe Master agrees that their pairing was completely random which is not true. Meanwhile, Ms. McCunnen starts to form her own plans within Inferno. Later on in the day, Ein has a dream about her past, where she first met the Zwei's original self who witnesses an assassination of an Inferno targeted reporter who had information on the dark organisation, the reporter was shot by Ein after giving the information to a clueless Zwei. Zwei seeing the horror flees from the scene. A scene is shown of Zwei hiding under a cloak, a can is heard falling (identical to that of the time Zwei assassinated the mother and child) and the same strange dog from the previous episodes appears, if watched closely the dog is actually transparent as the building in the back can be seen through it. After fleeing for days, Zwei is caught by Ein and Scythe Master, who seems interested in his innate ability to survive. Ein wakes Zwei up from sleeping, Zwei asks Ein whether she has had any dreams about her past like him, (some may think the previous dream was Zwei's but that was actually Ein's memory), the dream he was referring to was from the very beginning when he first woke up, following the question she say she has. However, she is apathetic and uninterested in finding out her past. Later on, the two are asked to back up a Phantom operation that consists of stealing 500 kilograms of cocaine. Right as they are about to head out, Zwei is asked to switch jobs and protect Ms. McCunnen in Lizzie's place instead. Though hesitant at first, Ein insists that Zwei follow Ms. McCunnen's orders, so Zwei agrees. Meanwhile Ms. McCunnen's plans to get rid of Scythe Master are revealed. 
08"Sudden Change"
"Ky?hen" (??) 
May 21, 2009
Ein is dispatched to take out Inferno henchmen in a warehouse district as part of a plan Claudia to eliminate Scythe Master and take Zwei. Claudia, in summoning Zwei to her mansion, gives him his Japanese passport and reveals his real name and trueself to be Azuma Reiji. Memories from the beginning even before Zwei came to America came flowing back, all the assassinations to where he is at the moment, Azuma Reiji's has fully awakened from his long sleep withn Zwei. Azuma Reiji regrets everything Zwei has done, fully awakened now and in shock, Claudia offers him a place alongside her after revealing her feelings and that if he wants he can return to Japan. Reiji contemplates his options stay in America or return to Japan. However after a phone call to his family he realizes that he can never return to that life because of all the killing he has done and the duty entrusted to him by a certain someone to take care and protect Ein. He returns to the complex hideout to see Ein wounded after being shot by Lizzie when the two confronted each other. Reiji receives a call from Claudia, telling him that he would be killed if he would assist Ein in any way. Refusing to be intimidated, Reiji helps Ein remove the bullet from her wound before he secretly evacuates her from the complex in order to avoid being tracked down by Inferno for refusing to join with Claudia in her plans to take over Inferno and get rid of Scythe Master. During the past episode there are hints of a destiny awaiting Ein and Zwei in the form of a Mongolia brochure which will be revealed eventually. 
"Namae" (??) 
May 28, 2009
Reiji, now rejecting his Phantom self Zwei, escapes with Ein while the rest of Inferno gets worked up on finding Scythe Master. Ein had planned to commit suicide by shooting herself as she had no place to call home before Reiji stops her from killing herself. He consoles her and gives her a new name and identity of her own: Elen. Elen encounters Scythe Master in an alley after gunning down an armed man looking for her. Lizzie and Claudia capture Reiji in a parking lot when he was about to hotwire a car. Reiji was subsequently interrogated, being accused of assisting Scythe Master in rebelling against Inferno. Claudia offers Reiji assistance in saving Elen but little that he knows that he is just being manipulated by her. locked up in an unknown location, by releasing his restraints and offering him a pistol for him to use. In return, Reiji promises Claudia that he would take care of Scythe Master. 
"Sh?maku" (??) 
June 4, 2009
Reiji in the interrogtation room remembers a talk he had with Elen in the car about how she would react to the name Elen. When the memory we return to the interrogation room, Reiji has to kill Scythe Master therefore he has to use Zwei's assassination skills and power but he has trouble controlling it and acts weird sitting down in the interogation chair. Lizzie and her group are dispatched by Claudia with the objective being to assassinate Scythe Master, upon learning of his whereabouts. Although reluctantly, Claudia insists Lizzie also admits Reiji into the assassination team and are dispatched to the wharf in San Francisco to kill Scythe Master who is being protected by militia of a former acquaintance. As a result of Reiji accepting the gun and agreeing to kill Scythe Master, he is also empowering Zwei while also rejecting him. Reiji's only goal is to kill Scythe Master. When he finally makes contact with Scythe Master, Elen is also with him but Reiji realizes that all his effort to make Elen independent has been faltered by Scythe Master. Reiji loses track of Scythe Master and Elen after Lizzie engages them. Elen agrees to protect Scythe Master's escape. Reiji get fedup and uses Zwei's true power and is able to track Scythe Master's movements and is able to phantom shift. Reiji using Zwei's power while also rejecting him goes haywire. Elen witnesses her master's situation. He corners Scythe Master and when he fires the killing shot Elen at the Last second takes the bullet for him, Reiji looks on in disgrace and sadness as Elen falls into the sea. Reiji drops to his knees unable to do anything and in shock Scythe Master shoots him declaring that this was an interesting finale for battle between him and God. All Scythe Master's reinforcements were defeated but Scythe Master himself escaped to Claudia's surprise. As Reiji sinks into the ocean he remembers his promise to make Elen truly smile and live her life as a normal girl. At the end Reiji is seen on a beach lifeless as the sun rises. 
"Sh?mei" (??) 
June 11, 2009
A recap is shown of the events leading up to the finale and Three months after Reiji's near fatal death at the hands of the Scythe Master in the wharf district of San Francisco, Inferno was able to take control of some of the crime families in the eastern area of the United States and integrate them under Inferno courtesy of Claudia and her phantom Zwei/ Reiji. Isaac confides to Raymond that Claudia may be acting suspicious after the conference. Claudia was later seen to be visiting the grave of Romero McCunnen. Reiji, now taking the codename of Zwei again after recovering from his wounds, is declared to be Phantom by Raymond after killing off multiple gunmen at an unknown warehouse complex. 
"B?rei" (??) 
June 18, 2009
Six months later, Reiji has just taken down the No.2 man in the Gambino family in his latest assignment, leaving Inferno sole control of the East Coast and spreading fear to the criminal underworld. Reiji by his own will decided to stay and work for Claudia but what he really wants is to protect the innocent from Inferno's rampage The outside world is aware of the assassinations called phantom assassinations but that's all they know. Claudia as per her plan receives permission from McGuire to directly handle negotiations with the Godoh clan in order to control the monopoly of exports to Japan. The Godoh clan was the same ones she conspired with to set her plans in motion. When she and Reiji go off to meet representatives of Godoh in Isaac's territory, they find that all the men, including some of Isaac's, are killed by a professional assassin. Reiji finds a passerby killed in the crossfire. He removes the cover and it was revealed to be a woman with her arms folded peacefully, Reiji because of his nature appears to have been moved by the scene. Finding out from Lizzie, the woman was actually a peaceful woman with no knives harmful items in her apartment but had a roommate. He returns later to the scene to mourn, bringing flowers with him (when he first enters the scene there are leafless trees surrounding the area), there he finds a girl named Cal Devens, (a scene of the two of them is shown with her kneeling down praying and with him in the background looking at her, also the trees behind him seems to have divine life on them since they appear leafless and dead and in another instant the with divine life . Reiji calmly stoops down in prayer next to the girl who tells him that it was her sister Judy who was killed. She tells Reiji that she knows who killed Judy and insists on working with him to investigate. Reiji didn't want to take her but seeing that she was a potential witness also a victim of inferno he takes Cal with him to protect her from inferno and to avenge Judy. 
"Gis?" (??) 
June 25, 2009
Isaac orders Randy his personal assassin to find who took the five million dollars from the crime scene, that is. Cal. Isaac stumbles upon Lizzie who was doing recon for Reiji but was found by a suspicious Isaac making her tell him everything. Reiji is accused by Isaac of lying to hide Cal away from him as he wanted to interrogate Cal regarding the shootings in his turf and the five million dollars. Isaac hearing a sound in the background of the apartment realizes Reiji is harboring the girl. Reiji decides to protect the girl no matter what but Isaac decides instead of bloodshed let the head of inferno decide what goin on, McGwire. Reiji reveals that he knew all along that Cal didn't see who the attacker was and that she was lying but also was he about his assassin friend who was Lizzie. Reiji and Lizzie face McGuire, Isaac and Claudia on whether the former was hiding something from them. He promises to train Cal to be an assassin like him as he claimed she has the potential to be a killer like him. He doesn't want her to be an assassin but for her safety a front must e shown to inferno to make it believable. Before going to the meeting, Cal showed him the $5 million dollars she hid from the scene after Judy was killed by stray gun fire and pleading to him to kill those responsible for Judy's death yesterday. In the end, Reiji is conflicted on how he could avenge Judy's death and train Cal to be a successful assassin but at the same time not let her follow his dark path. 
"Kanshi" (??) 
July 2, 2009
Reiji and Cal go out to get clothes before he started to train her in firearms when he was told by Lizzie that McGuire wished to get details on Cal's training. Meanwhile, Claudia tells Reiji that she plans to use Godoh and his henchmen to smoke out Isaac as she believes that he's the one responsible for the shootings back in Los Angeles. Reiji shadows the Godoh group in Las Vegas before he finds one of the group's henchmen killed in his Las Vegas hotel room. Reiji pursues the supposed assassin towards the elevator when he caught a supposed glimpse of the assassin, who he thinks is Elen. However, Reiji thinks that Elen can't be alive since he remembers accidentally shooting her when the girl tried to protect Scythe Master from being killed back in San Francisco. 
"Saikai" (??) 
July 9, 2009
Godoh is furious over the murder of his men once again and demands an explanation with Claudia promising that she'll do everything in her power to smoke out the culprits responsible. Reiji was given the assignment to locate the culprits responsible for killing Godoh's subordinates. Accepting the assignment, Reiji brings Cal along to assess the situation and determine the potential sniping locations where the assassins will use to disrupt the meeting between Godoh and the executives of Inferno. During the meeting, Reiji was able to gun down one of the armed assassins during his counter-sniping assignment with Cal when he finds out that the sniper he killed is Randy Weber, the right-hand man of Wisemel. However, a second sniper rifle is heard when the meeting is interrupted. Godoh and his remaining subordinates point their sidearms at the Inferno executives. Reiji doesn't know that Ein had survived, being the second sniper for interrupting the Inferno-Godoh conference. 
"Kokuhaku" (??) 
July 16, 2009
To appease Godoh, Claudia shoots and kills Isaac as the one responsible for the sniper attack. Later, Reiji confides to Lizzie that the sniping occurred after Randy Weber was killed, which means it wasn't part of Isaac's plan. Reiji plants the money that Cal stole at Wisemel's mansion to implicate him further in his treachery. If Wisemel was the one responsible for Lizzie's death and the crime spree then the money would belong to him. At the apartment Cal offers to help Reiji in his assassinations but he doesn't want her to get involved any further but Cal still wants to help Reiji, as she feels isolated as Reiji is alone in this assassin lifestyle. Reiji explains to Cal that he hates himself for becoming an assassin and that he can't stop killing no matter what he does in this life since as he exists as a part of phantom Zwei. He angrily tells her off. He explains to her that if he wasn't in the world of the living all the people that Zwei killed and in extesion him would still be alive. During the conversation with Cal she asks why he kills, if not for duty or anything else what was the reason. Cal realizes that he wasn't killing because he wants to but because he has too it was his karma, he has a higher purpose setup for him by God but Cal doesn't want to be separated from him and wants to be together with him, crying he explains that he wanted to return. When he says return he means to go back to a world of happiness, joy and love. A world where he can truly be together with Cal and he finally says to God to let him go to Cal's world when he dies and is finally free of Zwei. Cal confirms to his plea and says she will come to his world, (his world of darkness). During this scene the locket watch is emphasized. meanwhile Scythe master reveals himself (Scythe master and the second in command of the Godoh clan Shiga had their own plans), Scythe Master had Ein frame Reiji making him the killer of one of the Godoh clan's men, resulting in them thinking he was responsible for all the killings. Scythe Master smiles as everything is proceeding as planned and he will get his revenge on Claudia. The leader of the Godoh clan and his brother force Lizzie to call Reiji and trick him into coming into a trap. Reiji leaves the apartment promising to become his true living self one again. 
"Shins?" (??) 
July 23, 2009
Claudia remembers the time when Romero was dead in her arms and promises to take her memories of him to heaven, (notice before in previous episodes the reflection of her estate on the pool was normal but it didn't match the reflection and now the reflection was on top and the real world estate was at the bottom, this was the place God wanted to put Claudia. Upon reaching the rendezvous, Reiji realizes it is a trap by Godoh and his men. When Reiji tries to convince Godoh of the misunderstanding, the yakuza leader reveals himself to be the one back then who attacked the Inferno Cargo and stole the cocaine to build the Godoh clan market, he also reveals to Reiji and Lizzie that it was claudia who set everything up and they all were being used by her and that Claudia has tricked his gang and wanted to take them over. Shocked by everything said Reiji stood speechless. Claudia's plan was to get Godoh's group to join Inferno. Godoh tells Reiji that Claudia used all of them as chess pieces to further her own goals. Before anything else can happen, an unknown sniper attacks all of them, killing two Godoh men allowing Lizzie to escape while the rest are killed or scattered, Reiji pursues the attacker and comes face to face with Elen. But Elen, now reverting to her Ein persona, warns him that Inferno will kill him before escaping. Reiji couldn't believe what's happening but realizes it all boils down to one man, the reason Elen reverted back to Ein and doing all the horrible things, Scythe master. Godoh Daisuke survives the attack and remembers Mio, his sister, who was separated from the family, he remembers that he and Shiga, his brother and second in command were part of a world that mio can't be a part of because of her innocence and makes Shiga to promise to watch over mio should anything happen to him. Godoh wants revenge on Inferno but Shiga already made plans with Scythe Master should this event occur he will kill Godoh Daisuke preventing war between Inferno and the Godoh clan. He kills him to prove the Godoh group's loyalty to Inferno due to Scythe Master's manipulations. Lizzie goes to Claudia's mansion but finds it empty. Reiji rushes back to the apartment to Cal, he hears her voice in his head saying to stay alive. He remembers her telling him how she loves him and that he gave her everything she ever wanted. He reaches the apartment and sees a light on thinking Cal is in side but to Reiji's horror the apartment blows up, leaving Reiji to think Cal had died. 
"Taiketsu" (??) 
July 30, 2009
Reiji kills Inferno's men who bombed his apartment and killed Cal after which he makes his escape. Scythe Master and Shiga explain the whole situation to McGuire. Scythe master revealed how she tried to manipulate and kill him using Phantom. Scythe Master understands Inferno will take care of Claudia but insists that Ein face-off against Zwei. Meanwhile, Reiji is in a dumpster alley with a look of losing everything important to him again. Claudia calls Reiji to tell him the reason of her betrayal and needs his help to escape but after she hangs up he tosses away the phone thinking of Cal. Meanwhile, while driving Lizzie remembers a promise made between her and Claudia who were best friends and kids before they joined Inferno, the promise was to follow Claudia where ever she goes even death, Claudia already knows that the path or life she takes from that point in time might result in her death but she wants to go to a special place in heaven as a requiem for him. Since Romero was unable to make it there. Elen goes to kill Reiji per Scythe's orders and Scythe while talking to his comrade who helped him escape Inferno reveals the next generation of assassins he's creating: the Zahlen Schwestern based on the data from Ein and Zwei but they were not complete and reveals that Elen is no longer needed, his comrade mentions mass numbers of assassins to be used but Scythe explains these assassins are a sketch once the sketch is complete the actual end will come, he also talks about the muses twisted prank. The muses he talk about are the two goddesses of Comedy and Tragedy but they might play a prank on the final falling curtain. Lizzie finds Claudia and wants to take responsibility for executing her. Claudia and Lizzie drive to the beach, Claudia explains the reason she did everything and that now that her time had come this was what she always wanted but because of the "speed" she took in everything, she left Lizzie behind. Claudia runs on the beach heaven appears before her, she kneels down in satisfaction, Lizzie gets ready to shoot and Claudia tells her until the end, that is, when Lizzie time comes they will be reunited, Lizzie shoots. Reiji returns to the desert warehouse and Elen arrives to kill him. After he persuades Elen to stop, the girl wants him to end her suffering. Reiji refuses to kill her and since he has a promise he is able to keep he would like to keep it. Elen decides to leave Scythe Master and Inferno and escape with Reiji. Lizzie visits Claudia and her brother Romero's graves. After getting fake Mexican passports, Reiji and Elen prepare to leave America, Reiji stops at a church and remembers the promise made between him and Cal to be together in her world but him thinking she is dead says says he won't be coming to her world yet he needs to take care of Elen first and they depart. Cal's gun and the locket watch is show on a plate hinting a possibility. 
"Yakusoku" (??) 
August 6, 2009
This episode is actually a summary of Cal's life with Reiji. When they first met, the mission and how they fell in love. There is a new scene revealed in this episode showing Cal's cleaning Reiji's apartment and Reiji entering to see Cal wearing a maid uniform. In this scene Reiji opens the bathroom door to see it beautifully decorated and in a later episode where Cal and Reiji confessed their love for each other and that they would go to Cal's world together showed the bathroom normal and without decoration. It is revealed that the decorated bathroom was actually an emulation of Cal's world in the world of the living. That's why Reiji and Cal made love in the bathroom since it represents the world where they will be going to. Coming to the end of the episode Cal fixed the old tape recorder to watch movies and she went to the video store to buy movies to watch and as she steps out of the video store a poster of a movie called back draft is shown on the glass and coincidentally a back draft is a type of explosion and this exact type of explosion happened to the apartment from the bomb planted. When Cal saw the apartment in flames she rushed to it knowing that Reiji has not come home yet and if he sees the apartment in flames he will take Cal for dead and not come back that's why she scream out his name. When all the fire were gone. Cal returns to the completely destroyed apartment to wait fro Reiji hoping he would come back like he promised, but after a long wait she realizes that he won't be coming and with him gone there would be no way for them to be together since she can't enter his world. As Cal sits she plays the locket watch melody and cries. Little that she knows that this event was part of God's plan against Scythe Master. While she cries there is a broken broom shown with two charms attached to still intact even after the huge explosion, these two charms symbolizes Cal and Reiji being together even if a catastrophe happens, God is the only one who now this that why rain fell at that sad moment. Cal cries that Reiji broke his promise that he would never leave and that they would be together, Scythe Master overhears everything she said and pushes the lie that Reiji lied to her and tricked her. She finally asks who he is and at that moment Cal's chance to enter Reiji's world of darkness had come. Meanwhile, Reiji and Elen have headed to the outskirts of Mexico. 
"Koky?" (??) 
August 13, 2009
2 years have passed since Reiji and Elen escaped America and have settled themselves in a small town in Japan. Reiji attends a school in Japan, his homeland. Elen had protected Reiji from all influences of their past life and put his soul in a deep slumber and dream, resulting in him thinking she was his sister and they had parents who died when they were young. They try to live out their lives normally and enroll in school. Elen wants Reiji to be his old self again and encourages him to do things a normal school kid would do. One day, Reiji is dragged by one of his classmates, Sanae, to meet her friend Mio Fujieda, who attempts to confess her feelings for him. After a conversation, both of them agree to go on a date. During their date, Reiji and Mio encounter a biker who does a harmless sneak attack. Although Mio has no idea what's going on, Reiji's true self instantly awakes from his slumber and using Zwei's skill he analyses the situation (notice that when Reiji awakes from his dream his voice tone changes back to his usual tone). Reiji goes to a church where Elen is praying to God, Elen knowing that Reiji has awoken from his dream, explains how he changed when he came to his homeland. Reiji explains the situation to her, that Inferno has found them. They have a discussion where Elen reveals that during her time with Scythe master he investigated the Godoh Clan to use them for his own ends, Mio's real surname is actually Godoh, which means she belongs to the yakuza family, the Godoh clan and that she was Godoh Daisuke's half sister, they were both from different mother's and because the Godoh clan is very important to Inferno and to Shiga the new leader and the one who killed Godoh Mio will become a vital trump card for the battle against Inferno. Elen's intention is to be Mio's friend so that she can use her as leverage and encourages Reiji to do the same if Godoh and Inferno ever catch up to them. Reiji had become saddened that everything has come back to the way it was but Elen comforts him, she also mentions that he still hadn't remembered something that had made him even more depressed, this simething was Cal but Elen was happy because he forgot since he is happier that way. The pair begin to make plans for their escape. The next day, Reiji goes home from school and encounters the biker again, who produces a familiar pocket watch and plays its tune. To his shock, Reiji instantly recognizes the tune. The biker steps up, Reiji feels a dark evil around him but couldn't believe that sh's alive, the biker takes of the helmet and reveals that she is none other than Cal Devens older now and very much alive. 
"Funnu" (??) 
August 20, 2009
At the church Reiji tells Elen that Cal is alive and is working for Inferno as the phantom assassin. he explains how he had promised her that they would both die and be together. Blaming himself for having introduced her into the darkness of the underworld. Lizze and Scythe Master begin an Operation to kill off a Chinese mafia along with his former comrade ho helped him escape Inferno last time but Scythe master doesn't care about human life. The operation was about Inferno helping the Godoh group dispose a rival Chinese mafia from establishing a foothold in the region. As the operatives begin to take action, Scythe Master explains that Phantom can end the operation in ten seconds coincidentally Drei appears to crash the mafias' meeting and kill all of them including all of Lizzie's operatives which was proven since one tried to save her from an ambush and shoots him and the ambusher. Lizzie disapproves the way Scythe handled the situation. She is later told by Scythe that Cal/ Drei has problems since she couldn't end her relationship with Reiji, that in order for Drei to become the true phantom she has to kill Reiji by her own hands. Reiji, Elen and their group of friends have lunch together, but Elen is called away after receiving an unknown package. The package was a bullet sent by Drei for a meeting at the church and she departs. Reiji loses track of her and instead encounters Scythe. Scythe Master is reading a German book about the European middle ages of the Christianity era when Zwei walks up behind him. Scythe explains to Zwei as he knows him by that name, that since he had regained his will as Reiji he is a failure compared to Ein but despite that he was a forerunner for Drei. Scythe was targeting Cal since back in America as a way of punishing Reiji and made her an assassin, similar to Zwei when he regained his true self as Reiji but instead of brainwashing or mind control he turned her love for him into pure hate as a result drei was created. Unlike Zwei who remembered his true as Reiji and Reiji being the one to control Zwei's power, Drei is unable to revert back to her true self sleeping within and Drei is the one in control, existing using Cal's emotions especially hate and her memories. Scythe thanks Zwei for leaving Cal behind for him to find and hints that Elen is being targeted by her. At the church, Drei introduces herself to Elen. 
"Gekk?" (??) 
August 27, 2009
In the church Drei introduces herself to Ein as the current phantom and refers Ein as the ex-phantom, she explains her meeting with Reiji to Ein and that all she ever wanted these past two years was to track down and kill them both but Ein explains that she will be the one to die, they engage each other but before they fire Reiji enters the church. All three of God's phantoms have finally gathered in the church. Reiji pointing the gun at Cal wants her to stop but after what Cal had to say Reiji realized this person really wasn't the Cal he loved. Drei irritated by the situation was about the pull the trigger on Ein when at last second Lizzie barges in to stop her. Lizzie forces Drei to withdraw and follows after a little reunion speech with Reiji and a warning that Inferno is closing in on them. Ein explains she will organise there escape route and methods of dealing with Inferno using Mio. Reiji calls Shiga reminding him of who he is and warning him about Mio if he makes any suspicious moves. The call came from Reiji who was with Ein on a swing in the park identical to the one Zwei saw in the vision in the very beginning, he tells Ein that he's happy that the innocent Cal is alive but at the same time he let her die meaning that Drei is alive with Cal existing within, Reiji understands what Cal is goin through since he had been through the same predicament in the past, him existing within Zwei unable to stop himself from killing. A call from the higher ups of Inferno warns Scythe master, Drei and Lizzie not to take any action since Mio is being held hostage by Ein and Reiji and should be secured first. Scythe master looks at a broken cup on the ground with tea spilled since death and blood spill is what Scythe Master exists for. Drei is irritated by the stand off since all she cares about is killing Reiji. Shiga takes action and dispatches some men to watch and protect Mio. Drei and Lizzie have a conversation at a bar about the reason she joined Inferno and how she hates Reiji for abandoning her and running away with another woman, that she will take revenge on him. little that Lizzie knows that the Cal she is with is not the true Cal but the phantom Cal called Drei. Lizzie remembers when Cal first came in for training with Scythe Master but was looking totally spaced out hinting something is wrong. Back at school Reiji and Mio are tricked by Sanae to go see a movie together, he spots Shiga's men and takes action. They settle at a fountain and Mio explains how she realizes how Reiji treasures normal everyday things around them. Reiji doesn't want to tell Mio about God since he doesn't want her drawn into his world. Mio leaves and Drei appears, to tell Reiji that the game begins, Reiji understands Cal's anger and agrees to let her kill him and let Ein go but by him saying this she gets even more irritated, explaining how he could love Ein and abandon her, Reiji shocked by what tries to tell her that he loves her but before he could fininsh she punches him. Drei walks through an alley and encounters some street thugs she takes out her pocket watch plays it and quickly defeats all of them, while the songs continues to play it could be seen that something is affecting Drei. 
"Ketsudan" (??) 
September 3, 2009
Reiji resumes school, holding a broom in his hand was staring at the people outside, a world he was originally from. Mio again is fascinated by Reiji treasuring the things around him. Mio again leaving school sees Elen and Reiji staring at a rainbow. Unlike normal people Elen and Reiji don't see the rainbow as a normal everyday thing, they see it as a treasured miracle of nature. At the church Elen and Reij talk about their escape plan but Reiji doesn't want to continue running, he just want to live a normal life. At the apartment Lizzie informas Scythe Master that Drei has disappeared and that the armory is almost empty, Scythe master doesn't appear surprised but lizzie has a hunch where she would be. When she leaves Scythe master says the dice has been casts, that the end game between him and God had begun. In the car park Lizzie troubled by Cal situation again remembers something about Cal when she was in training and when she was first given the name drei anfter she sets off to find her. Mio and Reiji take a walk with him explaining the situation with Cal. Pausing for a bit troubled Mio as she thinks Reiji still likes Cal (which he does) but has to uphold the scheme of watching Mio and using her feelings. Drei finds where Mio lives and kills all of Shiga's men and waits for Mio to return. When she does Drei appears and ambushes her. Drei mentions Godou to Mio but Mio thinks that Godou Daisuke is her uncle but is actually her half brother from a different mother. Drei gets irritated by her obliviousness and points a gun at her. Having a gun in Japan is extremely illegal so Inferno has to keep things low or else authorities will investigate which happened at the Chinese mafia raid. Drei takes Mio on a dangerous joyride, Drei is enjoys herself but enjoys it more knowing Mio is scared. Lizzie was waiting for them. Drei wanted to know why Lizze was so kind to her and Lizzie explains that she and Zwei didn't want her to become a Phantom assassin. Drei gets irritated by what she says. Drei exists using Cal's memories and emotions with hatred being at the forefront of everything. she challenges Lizzie to a shoot out but Lizie already has her gun out pointing at Drei. Drei warns Lizzie that the true Cal doesn't exist anymore, that if she doen't shoot she's a sentimental idiot. Drei takes out the pocketwatch out and plays it. During the melody God shows Lizzie a vision of claudia on the beach and with her dead brother in her arms (this was not a memory as this was Claudia's memory of that time which Lizzie is not suppose have since she wasn't there unlike her memories of Cal in which she was), she also sees a vision of Cal's true self holding a gun. These vision has meaning. (Claudia running on the beach) means she was finally really happy, (Claudia holding her dead brother) means Claudia was suffering from the loss of her brother and in order to deal with it she embarked on the dark path she took and (true Cal saddened by holding a gun) means that Cal doesn't want to kill but she has to go to Reiji's world if she wants to be with him and also God has a plan for her, as a result Lizzie loses her will to kill Cal, to make sure she doesn't shoot Lizzie moves her finger from the trigger, the melody ends and Drei fires. Lizzie dying doesn't understand why she didn't fire so God shows her a final vision before she passes on to where Claudia is at, the vision was about her telling Claudia the reason she picked the big gun was because she didn't want to fire easily and in the end she didn't. Dying she tells Clau the gun was to heavy to carry anymore and dies. Drei takes Mio to an old building Mio ask Drei she doesn't understand why she is killing people so Drei explains everything to her about her family and who she really is and that her goal is a death match with Reiji. Drei calls Reiji using Mio's phone and informs him of the situation. Now that she has Mio Reiji and Ein's leverage is gone but since she betrayed Inferno, Inferno will be coming after her instead of them and since Reiji wanted to return to being a normal honest person he doesn't have to do horrible things again like holding Mio's hostage but if he tries anything like running away Mio would die. Reiji shocked by the outcome that Cal would go so far realizes how much Cal hates him. Ein realizes that drastic measures must be taken now and since Reiji is Drei only target she will disappear alone to track her down while Reiji stays at school. Back at the apartment Scythe master has acquired Lizzie's gun, staring at it, knowing God has made his move. Shiga enraged by what happened barges into the apartment thinking Scythe master is behind what happened to Mio. Scythe master assures Shiga that everything will be taken care off by his ultimate phantoms but Scythe master is merely using him and the Godou clan. 
"Taiji" (??) 
September 10, 2009
At the apartment Reiji tells Elen that he will handle Cal personally but Elen knows how much Reiji loves Cal and believes he won't be able to shoot her when the time comes and will be killed. She intends to take responsibility of taking care of cal but reiji wants some time to think it through but time is limited so Elen gives him a day and if he can't make up his mind she will kill Drei. At school Reiji contemplates on the situation and can't let Elen point her gun at Cal, that he will have to settle the situation but doesn't know if he can since he loves Cal so much, Reiji closes his eyes and like Lizzie God gives him a vision of Cal telling him she wants to be with him, the vision was now karma and Reiji has to handle the situation he reopens his eyes when Sanae approached him. He finds out from Sanae that Elen wasn't in school with Mio Reiji instantly Realizes what Elen intends to do. He calls her phone and a message from Elen was left for him telling him he can't face Cal that it was her responsibility and she will save Mio. Reiji realizes that this was his karma to handle Cal and if Elen kills her he will lose Cal forever. He leaves the school in a desperate search for Elen and Cal. While walking Elen was being monitored by two of Scythe Masters Phantoms for him. At the old building Drei talks to Mio who is tied by her hand hanging from the ceiling who can't believe she could hate someone so much. Mio claims to understand what she is going through and this ticks off Drei and she unleashes extreme hatred on Mio shooting her clothes and rope, dropping her to the floor and explaining in extreme rage everything she went through in her life and how she spent three nights waiting for Reiji, Drei's rage was based off Cal's memories so all of Cal's bad experiences became fuel for Drei's rage. She picks up Mio, rips off Mio's clothes rendering her unconscious and with Drei's rage reaching to the extreme, Cal and Reiji senses something extremely wrong. The true Cal's memories begin to affect Drei causing her to break down and cry for Reiji. At the Godou headquarters Godou kaiten resides as Shiga tells him of Mio's predicament, that the conflict has reached the pinnacle and to allow him to use the Godou clan retainers, the clans militia but Godou Kaiten disagrees that if they move out all of Japan will know and wonder why they are concerned about Mio making a connection between the Godou clan ad Mio's family which Kaiten will never allow and orders Shiga to stand down and leave it to the Americans. Deep underground Scythe master reviews the play that he has written, that everything has gone according to his plan using Inferno and the Godou clan as tools to reach where he is since he made Inferno is what it is using his phantoms. He explains that Ein was his first masterpiece, Zwei and Drei were the experiments and from the data gathered from all three of them he created the ultimate phantom soldiers, the actors presenting the end. In order to defeat God's three phantoms he predicts that Drei will be cornered by Ein and Zwei after which he will unleash Zahlenschwestern to kill Ein and Zwei and if he accomplishes this there won't be anything to stop Scythe master's will from changing the world using his phantoms, the final curtain call will decide everything. At the old building Drei, who is being affected by Cal even more than before decides to call Ein and challenge her to a final face-off instead of Zwei seeing that she may not have what it takes to kill him. She tells Ein where to meet and where to find Mio. After the call Drei apologizes to Mio and tells her to forget everything and leaves. At Mio's house Reiji pays a visit to Mio's house to drop a school printout pretending to be a student who thinks she took the day off and stayed home. Mio's mother was about to ask if he was her boyfriend but when she looked into Reiji's eyes she saw the same look as she saw in Godou Kaiten's but couldn't believe Mio would be in a similar situation as her. Elen finds Mio and tells Mio everything about her, Reiji and Cal being assassins and that the clothes she bought was because of Drei. Ein exlains even if she loves Reiji she can't defeat Drei which was her responsibility in order to protect Reiji. Cal is on her way to the meeting destination, Reiji is searching to stop Elen and Elen is on her way to the meeting destination. 
"Kecchaku" (??) 
September 17, 2009
This episode is actually the conclusion for the story but not the anime. After using the phone Ein left for Mio Shiga finally found where she was. At Mio's home she goes to talk to her mother about what Drei and Ein had told her. Mio's mother explains to Mio that her father was alive, who was Godou Kaiten. In her mother explanation she refers to both Godou Kaiten and Reiji, Mio's mother explains that the world that he lives in is not a world for them and that by staying behind and Reiji/Godou Kaiten leaving them behind was for the best since they can keep the memories of them. Reiji because of who he is and what he is can't be in Mio's world wouldn't want her to get involved in his world. God shows Mio a vision of Reiji staring at the same rainbow that he and Ein was watching before and that Reiji belongs to a different world than hers. After Mio's mother explains everything to Mio, Mio's determines that she has something to tell Reiji. Reiji looking for Elen and Cal ends up in an alley when Mio calls to tell him what she knows. She explains to Reiji where Elen and Drei are going to meet and try to kill each other which was at the church where they first met. She also explains how Cal is suffering. Reiji understands what Cal is going through and wanted to tell her about it but hesitates and instead apologizes to Mio. Mio also explains that if Reiji wants to he can come back to where she is if it makes him happy startled by what she just said and knowing he won't be coming back since he has to uphold his karma duties to both Elen and Cal, Reiji wanted to say he won't be coming back but she cuts him off saying that this is not a goodbye but see you soon, Reiji says it too, hangs up, looks at the sky as a sign of thanks to God for the help. Back at Mio's house Mio's mother asked if Shiga intends to kill Ein, Zwei and Drei who were just kids, Shiga explains that he made a promise to Daisuke to protect Mio but Mio's mother knows that he was the one who killed Daisuke. At the Chinese mafia bar which Drei first attacked, Drei sits drinking liquor because of her intoxication all the people that the true Cal cares about appear before Drei. Lizzie and the Chinese bodygaurd who was killed by Drei and Judy Devens. Drei claims she's invincible but due to the true Cal's influence breaks down again crying that stealing, bringing ruin and suffering to others was her everything and doesn't want to go back to being the true Cal who suffered through out her life. At the church Reiji finally meets up with Ein. Reiji doesn't want Ein to kill Cal that he will be the one to kill her to fulfill his karma (to finally be with Cal in her world) and by doing so he would be free of his past, free of Zwei, Elen refuses since she thinks that Reiji will not be able to shoot her and would lose and explains she has no memory and that she wants to be free too. The words she used to explain this were the same words she used when Reiji was at the swing sitting next to Ein. He realizes he has to fulfill his karma to Ein too and promises he will come back to her and they would search for the answer to her freedom. Drei finally arrives at the church and blows up her motorcycle as a signal where she is to the Godou clan and Inferno. She enters the church surprised to see Reiji waiting for her. Reiji explains that he is here to kill her not protect Ein that this was his responsibility. Reiji can't allow Cal to suffer anymore and has to defeat Drei. He says things to intimidate Drei to accept his challenge and she accepts. She challenges Zwei to a draw and takes out the pocket watch. Zwei is surprised to see it. Drei explains that it was always there for her telling her who to hate and kill but to Cal it represents the love between them. Reiji was the only one who heard the song and wasn't killed, if Reiji loses he will lose Cal forever. They get ready to draw as the melody plays. Meanwhile Elen is outside the killing all of the Godou clan retainer men who show up at the blown up motor cycle. During the melody the pocket watch, the divine item, contains all the memories of Cal and Reiji's life together. God uses the pocket watch and creates a scenario of Reiji's self two years younger and Cal's two years older self to determine if the apartment hadn't blown up what would have happened to Reiji and cal, Cal was the older one since she is the one who has to take the big step first and die. In the Scenario Cal explains to Reiji that they could never be separated even if it did happen and she would look to the end of the world for him, Reiji under his breath agrees that they will never be separated and couldn't believe he could say such a stupid thing like them being separated, Cal says its ok to make a mistake once in a while. The song ends and they draw, Cal's true self within Drei awakens and says that this is what she wanted if only she could get the salvation of having her own world to be together with Reiji in. A gun goes off and Drei drops the pocket watch. This is a sign that the watch is no longer needed, that God's requiem for Reiji is complete. Cal soul goes to heaven where God shows her the truth of things back when she first met Reiji in the alley. She sees a light in the sky over the alley where she was when she first met Reiji (this light was Judy who was watching over Cal) and she sees Reiji surrounded by divine light that God was leading Reiji on a journey and even before this journey even began it was always Reiji's and cal's destiny to be together in her world. God's vision to cal ends and she is returns to body. Drei has been defeated and has disappeared as a result Cal was freed from the hatred Drei had with her. Cal now dying in Reiji's (the tone of voice is no longer that of Drei but was cal's voice) arms asks how he could be so strong to defeat Drei and he explains that this was the only way to answer her, that is, to tell her that he loves her and wants to be with her in her world forever (his karma to Cal has been fulfilled). Cal's can't believe that the salvation God showed her has actually come true and tells Reiji that this was what she wanted too, so in the end both Reiji and Cal got the salvation they wanted and will be together. Reiji saddened that Cal is going to die have an emotional talk with her and then she finally dies in Reiji's arms. Scythe Master sensing that Cal had died emerges from the darkness to see Shiga wounded where he explains to him that the epilogue has finally come, the final curtain call is here and who will answer it God or him. If Scythe Master defeats God's phantoms Ein and Zwei, then all is lost since there is no one in the world who can stand up to the completed phantoms much less a mass number of them which he will create if he wins, these completed phantoms unlike Ein, Zwei and Drei have retained their wills and won't turn to good like them since their will is death. The conclusion here is that God was the one controlling everything in behind the scenes, Zwei was meant to meet Ein at the assassination of the reporter, which is why the dog spirit was there. Ein was meant to train Zwei, Claudia to revive Reiji and Reiji because of his path and suffering needed to go to a world where he could be happy, Cal was the person to provide that so he was meant to meet Cal and Cal would have to come to Reiji's world to save him. 
"Eren" (??) 
September 24, 2009
(this is opinion) Scythe master's puts on a mask since he himself is a ghost of the world but very evil and can sense his phantoms. The phantom powers that the phantoms possess is a result of the spiritual battle between Scythe Master and God on the stage he created so they possess other worldly powers, which is why normal people like Claudia and Lizzie can't have those powers even if they killed people. Zahlen Schwestern phantoms begin entering the area to kill Elen and Reiji. Reiji in church kneeling before Cal's body silently in prayer says he will kill in order to keep on living and activates Zwei's phantom mode and engages the Zahlen Schwestern phantoms. Ein appears to help him. Scythe Master explains to Shiga that this was his goal and he departs to the battle. In the old school house Reiji and Elen defeat two of the six phantoms. Scythe Master senses this and is amused. They realize they are the same as them and that Scythe Master is the one behind the assault and Elen explains that he won't allow any useless extras like Inferno onto the stage since they don't have the capability to defeat phantom and the only ones that can defeat a phantom is another phantom, that he intends to close the final curtain himself using his phantoms, both Reiji and Elen realize that this is the final battle. Everything depends on God's phantoms. They split up Elen to face Scythe Master since she is the only one who understands his moves and Reiji will engage the other phantoms. Scythe Master senses Ein's presence and welcomes her to his stage. Ein realizes what Scythe master is up to and doesn't want to perform on his stage and drops her gun. Scythe Master's stage consists of him and two phantoms of the Zahlen Schwestern phantoms with machine if Ein had engaged using a gun Scythe Master would make his phantoms engage using their guns but Ein would be outmatched by machine guns compared to her pistol. Meanwhile Reiji battles the two other phantoms and has a difficult time. Ein explains to Scythe Master that she is on his story board and he hasn't accounted for her bold move Scythe Master impressed by her deductions reveals that his intention is to enjoy his Zahlen Schwestern's performance on the stage a

Original Soundtracks

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Two original soundtracks featuring Hikaru Nanase's score were released in 2009. Both albums featured the TV cut of the opening and ending themes by Kokia and Ali Project. Koichi Mashimo executive produced the album and Nanase's husband Yoshiyuki Ito acted as the music producer. Album two also features the instrumental version of the Zwei image song Haitoku no Gajou written by Tatsuya Katou.

Track List
Volume 1 All tracks by Hikaru Nanase except where noted.

Volume 2

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