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Soul Eater

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The Japanese anime television series Soul Eater is directed by Takuya Igarashi, and produced by Bones, Aniplex, Dentsu, Media Factory, and TV Tokyo. Bones and Aniplex were responsible for the animation and music production respectively as well. The anime is based on the Soul Eater manga series by Atsushi Ohkubo. The plot of the episodes follows Maka Albarn, a "meister" of the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA), and her living weapon, Soul Eater, as she seeks to make the latter into a "death scythe" through absorbing the souls of evil humans.The anime aired 51 episodes between April 7, 2008 and March 30, 2009 on TV Tokyo. The episodes also aired at later dates on TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, and TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting. It was released on DVD in thirteen separate compilations from August 22, 2008 to August 25, 2009. The anime was licensed by Funimation and was released in four half-season DVD box sets in 2010. There are also two Blu-ray box sets planned for release in Japan, containing both Japanese and English audio tracks; the first will be released on January 26, 2011, and the second on March 23, 2011. It is being rebroadcast on TV Tokyo under the title Soul Eater: Repeat Show as of September 30, 2010.Six pieces of theme music were used for the original broadcasting; two opening themes and four closing themes. The opening theme for the first 30 episodes is "Resonance" by T.M.Revolution. The second opening theme from episode 31 onwards is "Papermoon" by Tommy Heavenly6. The first closing theme is "I Wanna Be" by Stance Punks for the first 13 episodes and the final episode; the second closing theme is "Style" by Kana Nishino for episodes 14 through 26; the third closing theme is "Bakus? Yume Uta" (?????) by Soul'd Out's Diggy-Mo from episode 27 through 39; the fourth closing theme, "Strength" by Abingdon Boys School, is used from episodes 40 to 50. Soul Eater: Repeat Show features two additional opening and closing themes. The first opening and closing themes for the first 12 episodes are "Counter Identity" by Unison Square Garden and "Ao no Kaori" (?????) by Yui Makino. The second opening and closing themes from episode 13 onward are "Ai ga Hoshii yo" (???????) by Shion Tsuji and "Northern Lights" by How Merry Marry.

Episode list

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#Episode titleOriginal air date
01"Resonance of the Soul – Will Soul Eater Become a Death Scythe?"
"Tamashii no Ky?mei ?S?ru ?t?, Desu Saizu ni Naru??" (???? ????=???????????????) 
April 7, 2008
Meister Maka Albarn and her weapon partner Soul Eater have collected ninety-nine kishin eggs, souls of evil humans on the verge of transforming into demon gods called kishin, and only need the soul of a witch to turn Soul into a death scythe. The two seek out the witch Blair, who frequently gets the better of them and tries to seduce Soul. During a battle, Soul tricks Blair into thinking he wants to abandon Maka and become her weapon, allowing Maka to take her soul. Unfortunately, nothing happens when Soul eats it, as Blair turns out to be a magical cat rather than a witch and had merely lost one of her nine souls. All the souls Maka and Soul collected are confiscated, forcing them to start over. 
02"I Am the Star! The Big Man Is Showing Up Here?"
"Ore koso Sut? da! ?Mottomo Biggu na Otoko, Koko ni Arawaru??" (???????! ????????????????) 
April 14, 2008
Following a failed attempt at collecting the ninety-nine souls of mobster Al Capone and his men, assassin Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki track them down to the residence of the witch Angela, only to find they have all been killed by Angela's bodyguard Mifune. Black Star fights Mifune, but is easily beaten due to his lack of skill as an assassin. When Mifune insults him, however, Black Star accuses him of trying to upstage him and successfully utilizes a surprise attack that defeats him. However, Black Star decides not to kill him or Angela once he discovers the witch to be a helpless young girl. In addition, he declines collecting the mobsters' souls since he himself did not defeat them. 
03"The Perfect Boy – Death the Kid's Magnificent Mission?"
"Kanpeki naru Sh?nen ?Desu za Kiddo no Karei naru Misshon??" (?????? ?????????????????????) 
April 21, 2008
Lord Death's son, Death the Kid, decides to go soul-hunting in the Egyptian Pyramid of Anubis where a witch is creating mummies to resurrect an evil pharaoh. However, Kid becomes easily distracted due to his obsession with symmetry, forcing his weapons, Liz and Patty Thompson, to collect the mummies' souls on their own. Upon encountering the pharaoh, Kid is unable to kill him as he attacks from his perfectly symmetrical sarcophagus. But when the pharaoh emerges and reveals his true, unaligned self, Kid relentlessly destroys him. Unfortunately, the pyramid is wrecked in the attack, and Kid is forced to surrender the souls he collected as punishment. 
04"Engage the Witch Hunter! A Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard?"
"Majo Gari Hatsud?! ?Dokidoki Hakaba no Hosh? Jugy???" (??????! ??????????????) 
April 28, 2008
To make up for the souls they failed to collect, Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki take a remedial class together under the threat of expulsion if they fail. They are sent to a graveyard to fight Sid Barrett, their former teacher and a powerful meister who had been turned into a zombie. Maka and Soul attempt to perform their Soul Resonance, "Witch Hunter", but are unable to control it properly, leaving Black Star to subdue Sid with Tsubaki's chain. With Sid captured, Lord Death reveals the one who turned Sid into a zombie to be Dr. Franken Stein, the most powerful meister to ever graduate from Death Weapon Meister Academy. 
05"Shape of the Soul – Enter the Ultimate Meister Stein?"
"Tamashii no Katachi ?Saiky? Shokunin Shutain T?j???" (????? ??????????????) 
May 5, 2008
Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki face off against Dr. Stein, who quickly proves his skill in battle and nearly kills Black Star. Following Black Star's defeat, Maka catches a sight of Stein's immense soul with her soul perception ability, and despairs over how his power vastly surpasses her own. Soul convinces her to keep fighting, and the two perform their Soul Resonance perfectly, but it isn't enough to defeat Stein. Afterward, Stein reveals that the entire fight had been set up by Lord Death for the remedial class, which they pass. Stein later becomes a new teacher at the DWMA, much to the dismay of the students. 
06"The New Student – Kid's First Day at the Academy, Will It Be an Entrance to Remember?"
"Uwasa no Shinny?sei! ?Omoide Ippai, Kiddo no Shibusen Hatsu T?k???" (?????! ?????????????????????) 
May 12, 2008
Death the Kid and the Thompson sisters enroll at the DWMA, and Soul and Black Star team up to fight them on their first day of school. The fight proves to be very one-sided, as Kid's extraordinary battle abilities are more than a match for Soul and Black Star, who are unable to synchronize their soul wavelengths with each other. Just when it appears Soul and Black Star are left utterly defeated by Kid's destructive Soul Resonance "Death Cannon", Kid passes out from an earlier attack Soul made that ended up clipping Kid's hair, ruining its symmetry and earning Soul and Black Star a come-from-behind victory. 
07"Black-blooded Terror – There's a Weapon inside Crona?"
"Kokketsu no Ky?fu ?Kurona no Naka ni Buki ga Iru??" (????? ??????????????) 
May 19, 2008
Maka and Soul go to Italy for a supplementary lesson to collect another evil soul. Once they finish their mission, Maka senses strong soul activity coming from a church and decides to investigate. She and Soul encounter Crona, meister of the Demon Sword Ragnarok, who resides within Crona's body in the form of black blood. Crona's blood hardens to defend against all of Maka's attacks, while Maka is unable to guard Crona's attacks as Ragnarok can harm Soul in his weapon form. Afraid of hurting her partner, Maka attempts to flee, but Soul receives a severe blow to protect his meister. 
08"Medusa the Witch – The One Who Possesses a Great Evil Soul?"
"Majo Medy?sa ??inaru Waruki Tamashii o Motsu Mono??" (??????? ??????????????) 
May 26, 2008
Just when Maka and Soul are about to be killed by Crona, Stein and Maka's father, Death Scythe, appear to save them. The two have some trouble against Ragnarok's ability to transform every bit of Crona's blood into a weapon, but the two combine their strength and defeat Crona, who is then retrieved by the witch Medusa, Crona's master who had been observing the fight. Soul receives surgery for his injury and Stein tells Maka he will recover, but secretly confesses to Death Scythe that his body has been infected by Ragnarok's blood. Maka vows to become stronger and is comforted by the school nurse, unaware that she is in fact the witch who had attacked them. 
09"Legend of the Holy Sword – Kid and Black?Star's Great Adventure?"
"Seiken Densetsu ?Kiddo to Burakku Sut? no Daib?ken??" (???? ???????????????????) 
June 2, 2008
Black Star and Kid learn about Excalibur, the Holy Sword whose legendary powers are said to surpass those of any other weapon and promise to bestow eternal glory to anyone who wields him. The two decide to search for Excalibur, but when they find him, they cannot stand his unbearable personality and end up abandoning him. Meanwhile, Death Scythe tries to cheer up Maka, who is still worried about Soul, and explains to her the origin of the Demon Sword, describing it as a weapon that has been devouring human souls and threatens to transform into a kishin, which is the reason the DWMA was founded to prevent from happening. 
10"The Enchanted Sword Masamune – Break the Soul Possession: A Heart Sings in the Rain?"
"Y?t? Masamune ?Yabure Tamashii Hy?i, Ame ni Utau Kokoro??" (?????? ??????????????) 
June 9, 2008
Black Star and Tsubaki are assigned the task of tracking down and defeating Masamune, the Enchanted Sword, who has been devouring human souls. When they come to the village where the Enchanted Sword was last spotted, they are met with hostility from the villagers due to Black Star's heritage from the murderous Star Clan. Masamune later appears and possesses the body of a young boy, but Black Star breaks the boy free from the Enchanted Sword's control. At her own insistence, Tsubaki sends her soul into the Enchanted Sword to confront the soul of Masamune, who is in fact her older brother. 
11"Tsubaki, the Camellia Blossom – What Lies Beyond the Grief?"
"Tsubaki no Hana ?Kanashimi o Koeta Saki ni Aru Mono??" (??? ????????????????) 
June 16, 2008
Tsubaki fights Masamune inside the Enchanted Sword, but is easily beaten. Masamune claims that Tsubaki's inheritance of their family's weapon forms led him to become evil, and is agonized by her pity of him. Just when Tsubaki's soul is about to be absorbed by Masamune, Black Star's voice reaches her, and she gains the will to defeat her brother, absorbing her very first soul in the process. Masamune's soul also grants Tsubaki the power to transform into the Enchanted Sword, though its power is too much for Black Star to handle. 
12"Courage That Beats Out Fear – Maka Albarn's Great Resolution?"
"Ky?fu ni Makenai Y?ki ?Maka Arub?n no Ichidai Kesshin??" (????????? ???=????????????) 
June 23, 2008
During a medical examination, Soul tells Medusa about a recurring dream in which he is goaded by the Little Demon to gain power through madness, followed by a nightmarish scene where he emerges from Maka's stomach, something Medusa deems to be an effect of Ragnarok's black blood. Maka, who remains troubled by Soul's injury, becomes determined to grow stronger and overcome the need to always be protected by Soul, but realizes that she must first face her fear of Soul being injured again. Meanwhile, Medusa's plans have raised the ire of two other witches, Eruka Frog and Mizune, who ambush and attempt to kill her. However, they realize that Medusa had placed magical snakes in their bodies when she had threatened them earlier, which kill Mizune. Eruka escapes with her life, but is tracked down by Medusa, who forces her to break into Witch Prison and release a prisoner who had stolen the eye of the witches' leader, whom Medusa intends to use for an experiment on Soul. 
13"The Man with the Magic Eye – Soul and Maka's Diverging Soul Wavelength?"
"Magan no Otoko ?S?ru to Maka, Zure Yuku Tamashii no Hach???" (???? ??????????????????) 
June 30, 2008
Maka and Soul undergo a special training session under Stein by pointing out each other's flaws under the effects of emotional stimulants, which leads to an argument between the two that threatens to permanently prevent their souls from resonating with each other. The two later take a supplementary class in London with Black Star and Tsubaki where they encounter Free, the immortal werewolf with the magic eye who Eruka had released from Witch Prison on Medusa's behalf. During their battle with Free on a suspension bridge, Black Star quickly passes out after using Tsubaki's Enchanted Sword mode, leaving Maka and Soul to fight alone. However, their soul wavelengths have already diverged to the point where Soul burns Maka's hands in his weapon form, making him unwieldy. The two begin to bicker again until Tsubaki persuades them to set their differences aside and accept each other, allowing their souls to resonate stronger than ever, though it causes the madness of Soul's black blood to intensify and risk consuming Maka's soul. Nevertheless, Maka is able to use her Witch Hunter against Free and, with aid from the newly revived Black Star, force him off the bridge. After the battle, Maka coughs up black blood into her hand. 
14"The Super Written Exam – Heart-Pounding, Reeling, and Restless. You're Kidding!?"
"Ch? Hikkishiken ?Dokidoki, Wakuwaku, Sowasowa, Us?n??" (????? ??????????????????????) 
July 7, 2008
A big test is coming up, and the students in the DWMA are all studying for it, one way or another. Maka feels she has to be the best in class like her mother was, aiming to surpass her class rival Ox Ford. Death the Kid believed that he knew all the the answers on the test, spending the time sketching a symmetrical face. Liz uses her time worrying about her appearance, which Patty happily dozes off. Black Star, after hopelessly trying to study, attempted to steal the answers to the test, being caught and punished by Stein in the process. Furthermore, Soul had stocked his clothing with cheat sheets, but was eventually caught by Sid. Ultimately, it is Maka that receives the top score of her class. 
15"The Soul Eating Black Dragon – Scaredy-cat Liz and Her Merry Friends?"
"Tamashii o K? Kuroki Ry? ?Okuby? Rizu to Yukai na Nakama-tachi??" (??????? ???????????????) 
July 14, 2008
Kid and his weapons are investigating the Black Dragon, who have terrorized the Baltic Sea recently. The investigation leads them to a ship called Nidhogg, and an evil soul controlling it. As they find the evil soul, he sends Liz to the hull of the ship. There, she encounters human spirits who guide her to the deck of ship, meeting up with Kid and Patty. Liz and Patty transform into handguns to assist Kid in defeating the evil spirit. However, Crona arrives, slices off the head of evil spirit, and summons Ragnarok, in preparation in for the upcoming battle. 
16"Fierce Battle Aboard the Ghost Ship – The Hell inside My Head?"
"Gekit?! Y?reisen ?Boku no Atama no Naka no Jigoku??" (??! ??? ????????????) 
July 21, 2008
Kid continues to fight against Crona. Kid commences to attack recklessly at Crona, however Crona manages to survive. It is then that Crona uses Screaming Resonance, causing the ship to split in half. Kid begins to chase Crona across the sea, but he allows Crona to escape due to his obsession with symmetry. Meanwhile, Maka visits Medusa and explains to her about having coughed up black blood. In response, Medusa prescribed Maka a bag of pill that with enhance the presence of black blood, through Maka is unaware of it. Stein also goes to see Medusa, being investigative about the pills, ending up convinced that she is a witch. Therefore, he sends Sid and Mila Naigus to Medusa's house to further investigate, finding out the truth about Medusa's evil scheme regarding the black blood. However, they are caught by Eruka, who was sent by Medusa to retrieve a briefcase containing black blood to carry out the plan. Kid returns to the DWMA and asks his father a question concerning the presence of kishin within the academy. 
17"Legend of the Holy Sword 2 – Wanna Go Drinking, Gambling, and Playing?"
"Seiken Densetsu Ts? ?Nomu, Utsu, Kau, Ittoku??" (????2 ????????????????) 
July 28, 2008
Ox is searching for the legendary sword Excalibur in order to write a report about him. However, upon meeting him, he discovers that the holy sword is not quite what was expected, forced to listen to the sword's one thousand provisions as well as his tales. Excalibur tells about his times when he was resided in a ghettoized city, when he performed at an opera house, when he incorrectly solved a crime case, when he accompanied an expedition into battle, and when he suffered a heartbreak from his first love. Excalibur ends up singing a song about himself, and later gave Ox the opportunity to be his partner. However, Ox chooses to abandon him, negatively commenting on his personality. 
18"The Eve Party Nightmare – And so the Curtain Rises?"
"Zenyasai no Akumu ?Soshite Maku wa Agatta??" (?????? ????????????) 
August 4, 2008
The students and staff of the DWMA, including Lord Death himself, gather for a party celebrating the anniversary of the founding of the academy, giving Medusa the perfect chance to carry out her ultimate plan, as to revive the kishin sleeping beneath the academy. During the festivities, Stein confronts Medusa to ascertain her plot before Sid arrives to warn everyone about her trap. Medusa escapes to launch an assault throughout Death City with the assistance of her minions. Free traps everyone in his Independent Cube. Nevertheless, Sid allows Maka, Black Star, Kid, and their respective weapon partners, as well as Stein, to escape. The group of heroes follows Medusa underneath the city where they make their final preparations to stop her. 
19"The Underground Battle Commences – Break Through Medusa's Vector Arrow?"
"Kaishi, Chika K?b?sen ?Toppaseyo, Medy?sa no Bekutoru Ar???" (???????? ?????????????????????) 
August 11, 2008
The group of heroes is intercepted by Medusa, who unleashes her deadly Vector Arrows upon them. Maka, Black Star, and Kid make their way past the attack as Stein remains behind with Death Scythe to keep Medusa occupied. Kid goes further ahead to pursue Free and Eruka, who possess the black blood intended to awaken the kishin Asura. Black Star attempts to engage Crona in combat, but Maka, seeking revenge, convinces Black Star to catch up to and assist Kid while she fights Crona instead. 
20"The Black Blood Resonance Battle! – A Small Soul's Grand Struggle against Fear?"
"Koketsu no Ky?mei Sen! ?Ky?fu ni Hamukau Chiisana Tamashii no Taifunt???" (??????! ??????????????????) 
August 18, 2008
The black blood in Soul proves to be dangerous for both him and Maka during their battle against Crona and Ragnarok. Before Maka can be defeated again, Soul confronts the Little Demon within himself and encounters Maka, whose consciousness was brought within Soul's by the demon in an attempt to claim both of their souls. Maka discusses with the reluctant Soul her intention to use the black blood's power and gain the same madness Crona has, hoping it will allow her to reach some understanding about Crona's wavelength. Soul relents and allows Maka to go slip into madness, promising to pull her out of it before it's too late. 
21"May My Soul Reach You – A Dry Heart inside Unbearable Isolation?"
"Todoke, Watashi no Tamashii ?Kawaita Kokoro, Tamaranai Kodoku no Naka de...??" (?????? ????????????????…??) 
August 25, 2008
Maka is overtaken by madness, allowing her to overpower Crona, but also to match her soul's wavelength with Crona's and see Crona's true will. Maka determines that the source behind Crona's madness is the neglect (s)he suffered as a child under Medusa, causing her/him to withdraw from other people. Maka's contact with Crona's will throws her/his soul into chaos, and Soul successfully pulls Maka from her madness. Maka then comforts Crona, and purifying her/his soul and befriending her/him. 
22"The Seal Shrine – The Immortal Man's Tricks?"
"F?in no Yashiro ?Fujimi no Otoko ga Shikaketa Karakuri??" (???? ?????????????????) 
September 1, 2008
Kid continues pursuing his targets until he suddenly encounters and engages Free, discovering that none of his own attacks are effective. Thanks to Black Star's timely intervention, however, Kid deduces that the Free they are fighting is actually an illusive Free projecting himself, as the actual Free is trying to buy enough time for him and Eruka to reach the shrine of the kishin. The two enter to find themselves immersed in the madness wavelength of the kishin, which causes them to hallucinate and nearly commit suicide, but they regain their senses in time to uncover the sleeping kishin
23"Dead or Alive – In the Rift between Revival and Dazzlement?"
"Deddo oa Araibu! ?Fukkatsu to Genkaku no Hazama de??" (??? ?? ????! ????????????) 
September 8, 2008
Stein attempts to finish his battle with Medusa as quickly as possible while Medusa tries to draw it out, leading to a deadlock between the two. Meanwhile, Kid and Black Star finally reach Free and Eruka within the shrine of the kishin. Kid keeps Free at bay while Black Star chases down Eruka, who sticks a syringe of black blood into the sleeping kishin. In one final desperate attack, Black Star seemingly succeeds in destroying the syringe before the black blood is injected, only to discover his victory was a hallucination induced by the madness wavelength of the kishin. Stein cuts Medusa down as she expresses her joy, but it does nothing to prevent the kishin Asura from awakening. 
24"The Battle of the Gods – Death City on the Verge of Collapse?"
"Kamigami no Tatakai ?Desu Shit? H?kai no Kiki ni??" (????? ????????????????) 
September 15, 2008
Maka, Black Star, and Kid are all incapacitated as Asura emerges from underground, but Lord Death, now free from the Independent Cube, confronts the newly awakened kishin. The two gods clash in an epic battle over Death City, but without a weapon, Lord Death unfortunately lacks the power necessary to properly fight Asura, who flees to spread his madness across the world. Lord Death orders various Death Scythes from around the world to be summoned to combat their new enemy, and Medusa seemingly dies after her battle with Stein. However, a snake can be seen emerging from the sewers. 
25"The Death Scythes Convene – Stop Dad's Staff Reassignment!?"
"Sh?sh?! Desu Saizusu ?Fusege Papa no Jinjiid?!!??" (??! ?????? ???????????!!??) 
September 22, 2008
Lord Death summons Death Scythe, Marie Mjolnir, Yumi Azusa, and Justin Law to discuss the new threat Asura poses, though Death Scythe fears it also means he will be demoted. Fortunately for Death Scythe, he remains as Lord Death's weapon while Marie becomes Stein's partner. Azusa searches for Asura while Justin remains on standby. After the meeting, Lord Death discusses his concerns with Death Scythe that Stein may be reverting back to his old ways of insanity. Meanwhile, after surrendering to the DWMA, Crona is enrolled by Lord Death. 
26"The Exciting and Embarrassing Trial Enrollment! The DWMA New Lifestyle Support Fair Is Open?"
"Ureshi Hazukashi Taiken Ny?gaku! ?Shibusen Shinseikatsu ?en Fea Kaisaich???" (??????????! ?????????????????) 
September 29, 2008
Maka and Marie try to help Crona adapt to life as a DWMA student with little success. Later, Maka and Crona are assigned by Lord Death to investigate an incident in a Czech village involving a berserk golem. They encounter a man named Giriko, who turns out to be an insane weapon involved with the golem. Maka is nearly defeated by Giriko and the golem until Crona steps in to assist her. 
27"800 Years of Bloodlust – Advent of the Heretic Witch?"
"Happyuku-nen no Satsui ?Itan no Majo K?rin??" (800???? ??????????) 
October 6, 2008
As Maka and Crona struggle against Giriko and the golem, Stein discovers a certain heretic soul is inside the golem. The soul reveals herself as Arachne, a witch that was defeated by Lord Death in the past and had to hide herself in that same golem. As Giriko easily beats up Crona and is ready to finish them off, Justin appears and confronts him, leaving Arachne with no choice but to run away with Giriko. The golem stays behind to slow them down, but Justin easily finishes it off. A small man, named Mosquito, brings Arachne and Giriko into a small hideout, where she, along with all her minions, swears to beat Lord Death. 
28"The Sword God Rises – Does It Have a Sweet or Salty Taste?"
"Kenshi Tatsu ?Aji wa Amai ka Shoppai ka??" (???? ??????????????) 
October 13, 2008
While Maka is recovering, Sid receives a new report from Azusa about the location of one of Arachnophobia's labs, where a magic tool, which messes up people's morals, is being developed by Mosquito. While they lay out the plan to destroy it, Black Star follows them and also attacks the facility, and ends up facing Arachne's new bodyguard, Mifune. Even after using everything he has, he still cannot defeat Angela's bodyguard, but an ambush laid out by Sid, Naigus, and Asuza gives him the opportunity to escape. In the end, Black Star gives a piece of candy to Maka, one that Mifune gave him to console her. 
29"Medusa's Revival! A Spider and Snake's Fateful Reunion?"
"Fukkatsu no Medy?sa! ?Kumo to Hebi, Innen no Saikai??" (?????????! ?????????????) 
October 20, 2008
A little girl, named Rachel, is taken over by Medusa's snake. She starts to act strange, and eventually leaves her house, much to her mother's despair. Medusa, in her new child form, arrives at Baba Yaga's Castle, the domain of Arachne. However, she is rejected by Arachne, Giriko, and Mosquito. She leaves the castle with a disguised Eruka, swearing to take something she left over at Death City. Meanwhile, Stein is determined to teach his students about duel arts, where they will be able to figure out how to resonate as a team. He volunteers Maka and Soul, Ox and Harvar de Éclair, and Black Star without Tsubaki, only to see them fail at the attempt. 
30"The Red Hot Runaway Express – A Magic Tool Left Behind by the Great Wizard?"
"Shakunetsu no B?s? Tokky?! ?Daima D?shi ga Nokoshita Mad?gu??" (???????! ??????????????) 
October 27, 2008
Kid and the Thompson sisters head over to a train station in the Sahara Desert to investigate a possible magic tool being the power source of an unstoppable train known as the Runaway Express. They end up facing the youngest Mizune and the Fisher King, an Arachnophobia assassin, who also wish to take control of the tool. Upon defeating the Fisher King, Kid discovers that his father had something to do with the creation of the train along with the great wizard Eibon. Before the Fisher King can elaborate, he is killed by Sid, and Mizune escapes. While investigating in the library, Kid discovers the only book containing information on Eibon was checked out on the day that Asura was revived, deducing that Medusa was responsible for checking out the book. 
31"Drying Happiness! Whose Tears Sparkle in the Moonlight?"
"Kareta Shiawase ?Tsukiakari ni Hikaru no wa Dare no Namida??" (?????(????) ???????????????) 
November 3, 2008
Crona is experiencing a new life at the DWMA, and ends up going to a party with Maka, Black Star, and Kid. Crona encounters the newly revived Medusa, who tells him that he must search around the DWMA for the vault. Crona does so, and is quickly found by Marie. Marie leads Crona to her/his room, and Crona shortly meets with Eruka. Medusa, broadcasting through Eruka, tells Crona to drop a liquid in Marie's drink, and when doing so, they are able to hear Marie and Stein. Crona goes to Stein's house to talk with Marie, and adds the liquid to Marie's drink. 
32"Legend of the Holy Sword 3 – The Academy Gang Leader's Tale?"
"Seiken Densetsu Sur? ?Shibusen Banch? Monogatari??" (????3 ??????????) 
November 10, 2008
Hero, an ordinary DWMA student who is always being ordered by his classmates, learns about the legend of Excalibur and decides to retrieve it in order to become a true hero. The students of the DWMA are surprised when they learn that Hero indeed managed to make Excalibur his weapon. However, even as Black Star with Tsubaki, Kid with the Thompson sisters, and Kilik Rung with the Pots of Fire and Thunder decide to challenge him together, they all are defeated with a single blow. To continue being Excalibur's master, Hero manages to successfully complete the 1000 requests ordered by him, but decides to discard him and return to his former life, as he could not tolerate his annoying sneeze, of all things. 
33"Resonance Link – Play the Melody of the Souls?"
"Ky?mei Rensa ?Kanadero, Tamashii Tachi no Senritsu??" (???? ?????????????) 
November 17, 2008
Stein continues to have moments of insanity caused by Asura's revival along with additional destabilization from Medusa's magic within Marie, which results in Lord Death's concern. Stein and Death discuss the topic of "Brew", in which the DWMA and Arachnophobia are likely to meet in combat for. Lord Death instructs Stein to speed up the process of duel arts for the students for greater offense. Maka, Black Star, and Kid are formed as a team, along with their weapons. After many unsuccessful attempts, Maka accuses Black Star for their failure to do so, causing the two quarrel over the mishap. Ultimately after conversing with Tsubaki, Maka begins to accept Black Star for who he is, resulting in the accomplishment of duel arts among the three. 
34"The Battle for Brew – Clash: The DWMA vs. Arachnophobia?"
"Bury? S?datsusen! ?Gekitotsu, Shibusen b?sesu Arakunofobia??" (BREW???! ???????vs??????????) 
November 24, 2008
The DWMA and Arachnophobia are imminent to engage in combat over the magic tool "Brew". Sid and his team will contain Arachnophobia while Stein and his group attempt to recover "Brew". Shortly after landfall, Sid's team is ambushed by Mifune's Arachnophobia squad. Sid and Azusa spot Mifune to engage in a confrontation with him. Stein and Marie enter a strong magnetic field while the others wait behind. It is soon realized that Stein's group is attacked by Arachnophobia. Ox, Kilik, and Kim Diehl, along their respective weapons Harvar, Fire and Thunder, and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré, all hold off the enemies. Meanwhile, Maka, Black Star, and Kid enter the magnetic field to find Stein and Marie, however the three encounter upon a perplexing image of Lord Death. 
35"Mosquito's Storm! Ten Minutes to Fight in the World of the Past?"
"Arashi no Mosuk?to! ?Arishi hi no Sekai, Seigen Jikan wa J?-pun??" (???????! ??????????????10???) 
December 1, 2008
Maka, Black Star, and Kid meet Stein and Marie inside the field. Stein and Marie assign the task of retrieving "Brew" to the three, since their bodies are almost at their limit. Meanwhile, outside the field, the skirmishes between the DWMA and Arachnophobia end when Kim gives the signal to retreat as instructed. She reaches the meeting point, only to find that none of her companions returned. While Ox and Kilik defeat all of Arachnophobia's forces near the field, entering into it to lend a hand to their friends, Maka and the others meet Mosquito, who claims to have "Brew" in his possession. After he reverts his body to a stronger form dated a century ago, the team is easily overpowered by him, until Soul convinces his companions to allow him to lead in the engagement of duel arts. 
36"Unleash the Seven's Resonance Link! A Recital of Destruction and Creation?"
"Hanate, Shichi-nin no Ky?mei Rensa! ?Hakai to S?z? no Ens?kai??" (???7??????! ????????????) 
December 8, 2008
Giriko battles Justin, however he retreats after getting hit by Justin's law abiding silver gun. After completing their duel arts resonance link, Maka, Black Star, and Kid all have an excessive amount of power, due to Soul playing the piano for the Little Demon. After making Mosquito exhausted, they all use their final attack. First, Black Star uses "Shadow Star: Checkmate Slash". Second, Kid uses his "Death Cannon". Finally, Maka uses a new attack called "Genie Hunter". They manage to deeply wound Mosquito, but they fail to kill him and let him escape. In the end, the mission of the DWMA fails. However, it turns out that Mosquito acquired a fake "Brew", as the real "Brew" is currently in the possession of Medusa. 
37"The Detective's First Case – Kid Exposes the DWMA's Secret?"
"Meitantei Daiichi no Jiken ?Kiddo ga Abaku Shibusen no Himitsu??" (???????? ???????????????) 
December 15, 2008
Arachne is convinced that the fake "Brew" is broken, not realizes that Medusa retains the real "Brew". Meanwhile at the DWMA, everyone assigned on the "Brew" mission is depressed about their defeat against Arachnophobia. However, Kid ponders Lord Death's association with Eibon. He even confronts Stein and interrogates him about what "Brew" is and why Lord Death sought to possess it. Maka questions her ability of using "Genie Hunter" while fighting Mosquito, discussing the matter to Lord Death. Determined to use "Genie Hunter" again, Maka and Soul make an attempt, but they fail to do so. At the end of the day, a man named Joe Buttataki arrives at Death City at Lord Death's request. 
38"Asura's Temptation – The Big Man's Uncontainable Irritation?"
"Shura e no Y?waku ?Biggu na Otoko no Osaerarenai Iradachi??" (?????? ??????????????????) 
December 22, 2008
Once he arrives at the DWMA, Joe begins his project by using the magic tools that are in Lord Death's possession. Meanwhile, Black Star's confidence begins to waver due to his recent defeats. When Tsubaki tells that Naigus asked her to stop using the Enchanted Sword Mode, Black Star decides to challenge Kid in a duel, during which loses control. Kid finally wins the battle, and Black Star starts training again. Arachne finds the hideout of Asura. 
39"Crona's Escape – Give Me Your Smile, Please?"
"Kurona, T?b? ?Kudasai, Kimi no Hohoemi??" (?????? ?????????????) 
January 5, 2009
Crona is visited by Eruka again, who tells her/him to return back to Medusa. Meanwhile, Arachne visits Asura alone in the mountains to ask for an alliance against the DWMA. Maka and Soul begin to search for Crona, after Death Scythe informs them that Crona has gone missing. It is revealed that Crona is outside of the DWMA walking in the desert sand, where (s)he then falls into a hole and sits there. Back at Arachnophobia, Asura has allied with Arachne. Maka and Soul find Crona in the hole, as (s)he confesses about putting Medusa's snake in Marie's tea. Lord Death discusses with Death Scythe and Maka about Crona's betrayal when Sid suddenly announces that Medusa has come to the DWMA to surrender. 
40"The Cards Are Cut – Medusa Surrenders to the DWMA?"
"Kirareta K?do ?Medy?sa, Shibusen ni T?k? Suru??" (??????? ?????????????????) 
January 12, 2009
To win the DWMA's trust, Medusa reveals the location of the real "Brew", and proposes to give information about Asura's whereabouts in exchange for her freedom and protection of her peers. When Arachne moves on with her plan to spread the madness of the kishin throughout the world, Lord Death decides to accept the deal. Marie later discovers that Stein is nowhere to be found. 
41"Twirl 'Round and 'Round – A New World in Which the Doc Dances?"
"Kurukuru Kururu ?Hakase wa Odoru, Atarashiki Sekai??" (??????? ??????????????) 
January 19, 2009
Stein struggles with deciding whether or not if he should return back to his house. Meanwhile, Joe discovers a secret page in the Book of Eibon, which shows it takes one last magic tool to operate "Brew". Crona and Marie decide to search for Medusa and bring back Stein. Maka, Black Star, and Kid, being doubtful about the DWMA, remain firm in fighting and defeating the kishin. Finally, the path that Stein is walking leads him to Medusa. 
42"Charge Baba Yaga's Castle! Things Are Kind of Gloomy?"
"Shingeki! Baba Yag? no Shiro ?Nanka Moyamoya Suru??" (??! ???????? ????????????) 
January 26, 2009
Maka is confused due to the decisions recently taken by the DWMA, which is preparing for a huge battle against Arachnophobia, to defeat it along with the kishin and destroying the six madness amplifiers. Crona and Marie are the only ones who can deal with Medusa without breaking the deal with Lord Death. Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki go to Baba Yaga's Castle when Arachne gives the order of attack. Justin starts a fight against Giriko. Maka finally decides to abandon the battlefield to go to help Crona, leaving the fighting to Black Star. Meanwhile, it is seen that Kid is on the way to retrieve the latest magic tool. 
43"The Last Magic Tool – Mission Impossible for Unarmed Kid?"
"Saigo no Mad?gu ?Buki Nashi Kiddo no Misshon Inposshiburu??" (?????? ???????????????????????) 
February 2, 2009
The battle against the DWMA and Arachnophobia continues. Kid, Liz, and Patty arrive at their destination, a town called Sarcophagus, whose inhabitants had disappeared mysteriously twenty years before. For the sake of his partners, Kid decides to enter the village alone. Once in, he easily finds the magic tool, but is attacked by the strange Clown. Maka realizes she must feel the soul of one of the people that she is looking for to find them. Kid is chased by the Clown, who is soon joined by another one just like him. Due to the symmetrical attacks of the identical Clowns, Kid is unable to respond until Liz and Patty arrive to help and successfully defeat them. Shortly after the battle, a mysterious person communicates with Kid, questioning the DWMA's right to use the magic tools. Meanwhile, Black Star, Justin, Ox, Kilik, and Kim are still battling. 
44"Weakling Crona's Determination – For You, for Always Being by My Side?"
"Yowamushi Kurona no Ketsui ?Itsumo Soba ni Ite Kureta Kimi ni??" (???????? ????????????????) 
February 9, 2009
Maka and Soul try to seek out Crona and Marie via Maka's Soul Perception Ability to find Medusa. Black Star continues to advance to Baba Yaga's Castle. Meanwhile, Crona and Marie manage to find Medusa's hide-out and battle with her and a maddened Stein. While Crona struggles in the battle with Medusa, and is about to be killed, Maka jumps in and blocks the attack using Soul. 
45"Anti-magic Wavelength – Fierce Attack, the Anger-filled Genie Hunter?"
"Taima no Hach? ?M?k?, Ikari no Majin Gari??" (????? ?????????????) 
February 16, 2009
Maka, Crona, and Marie continue their battle with Medusa and Stein, but are being overwhelmed. Marie asks Maka and Crona to concentrate on Stein, which gives her the chance to use the Healing Wavelength. Medusa uses the lull in combat to target Maka with an attack. Crona pushes Maka out of way and takes the full force of Medusa's attack. Crona is greatly injured by Medusa's Vector Blade. Maka is consumed by the madness and attacks Medusa with full force, disarming her. However, Stein protects Medusa before Maka can land a fatal blow, thereby providing an opening for Marie. Using the Healing Wavelength, Marie saves Stein. Maka uses her Genie Hunter to defeat Medusa and save Rachel. Black Star finally reaches Baba Yaga's Castle to battle Mifune. 
46"Warrior or Slaughterer? Showdown: Mifune vs. Black?Star?"
"Buka Shura ka ?Kessen, Mifune b?sesu Burakku Sut???" (????? ???????vs??????????) 
February 23, 2009
As Mifune fights with Black Star, he counts how his father was strong, but chose the wrong path and he was forced to kill him, and he asks his opponent if he's going to choose the path of the warrior or the path of a demon. Meanwhile, Excalibur arrives to reveals that the key to operate "Brew" is the soul of Eibon itself, who happens to be one of eight warriors of Lord Death, and who his willing to cooperate to deal with Asura. Arachne decides to leave her organization behind by putting into operation several weapons that the Baba Yaga's Castle had prepared. Returning to the battle, Black Star refuses even to listen to Mifune, who, seeing no possibility of change for his opponent, decides to finish it in one fell swoop, killing Black Star. Eibon finally puts the function of "Brew" to work and unlock its power. 
47"The Miraculous Coffee Table Flip – Fly, Our Death City Robot?"
"Kiseki no Chabudaigaeshi ?Bokura no Desu Shiti? Robo??" (????????? ???????????????) 
March 2, 2009
Black Star revives, declaring that he will take the path of neither the warrior nor the demon, but will instead take his own path. He defeats Mifune with one swipe, however sparing his life. Black Star then invites him to be a teacher at the DWMA, and they soon set off to find Angela. Meanwhile, Eibon uses a key created from his own soul to activate "Brew", which has been revealed to grant the desires of whoever uses it. Lord Death uses the Magic Tool to transform Death City into a giant robot, and swiftly enters the battle. After attempting to squish Baba Yaga's Castle to little success, it manages to reach inside of it, grab Asura, pull him out into the open and consumes him, apparently trapping him inside the city. 
48"Lord Death Wields a Death Scythe – Just One Step from Utter Darkness?"
"Desusaizu o Motta Shinigami-sama ?Chotto Saki wa Yami Darake??" (??(?????)??????? ????????????) 
March 9, 2009
Upon being devoured by the mobilized Death City, Asura lands in the Death Room, where he is confronted by Lord Death and Death Scythe. Meanwhile Black Star, Tsubaki, and an injured Mifune find Angela in Baba Yaga's Castle. Lord Death and Asura begin to battle while Kid, Azusa, and Excalibur observe. As they fight, Asura begins to explain his purpose in life. He believes that all fear in the world is the result of the imagination of the people. Asura claims to no longer imagine, and plans to end all fear by spreading madness and preventing people from imagining again. Lord Death disagrees with Asura, declaring to be the guardian of the world. Lord Death appears to have the upper hand until Asura fires a large blast from Vajra at Kid and Azusa. Lord Death is able to block the blast with his body, however becoming gravely injured. Excalibur rebukes Asura who stands over Lord Death until he begins to have strange spasms and goes back to Arachne. As Arachne embraces Asura, he murders Arachne and devours her soul, as he points out his fear in her. 
49"Asura Wakes – To the End of the World?"
"Ashura Kakusei ?Sekai no Ikitsuku Hate e??" (????? ?????????????) 
March 16, 2009
Asura, being injured from the battle with Lord Death, begins to put up a barrier around himself preparing for a deep sleep. Before the barrier closes, Maka, Black Star, Kid, and their weapons are the only ones able to get inside. Having devoured Arachne's soul, Asura grows tremendously in size and strength. When the fight against Asura begins, they do not appear to be injuring him, but Kid thinks they are as the barrier is weakening. They start a duel arts resonance link with Soul playing the piano, but when Maka is about to perform Genie Hunter, Soul pushes himself too far and is devoured by the black blood of the Little Demon. With Soul, the only one who can help them do a duel arts resonance link, down for the count, Maka goes to bring Soul back, with Black Star and Kid protecting her. 
50"Sink or Swim?! The Men Who Transcend the Gods?"
"Ichi ka Bachi ka?! ?Kami o Koeru Otokotachi??" (???????! ???????????) 
March 23, 2009
While everyone outside the barrier can only sit and wait anxiously, Black Star and Kid continue to battle Asura with almost no results. Determined to avenge his father and protect the world, Kid begins a second soul resonance with Liz and Patty, but he is stabbed by Asura and falls to the ground. Seemingly dead, Kid's eyes suddenly fill with a blue light and his soul becomes extremely powerful as he transforms Liz and Patty into a huge double cannon. Using his speed to his advantage, Black Star attacks Asura and Kid follows with a massive cannon explosion. With so much power however, Asura still stands, though he has changed form again. Meanwhile, Maka is locked in a room with the Little Demon disguised as Soul, later realizing his true identity. Risking being devoured by the black blood, she decides to open a locked box to free the real Soul. She enters the box and is followed in by the Little Demon, but she is able to reach Soul and save him from the darkness. Having lost control of the situation, the Little Demon shrinks in size, allowing Soul to eat him in one gulp. The two of them return to the battle to find everyone else laying unconscious and Asura still undefeated. 
51"The Word Is Bravery!"
"Aikotoba wa Y?ki!" (??????!) 
March 30, 2009
As the two realize that Asura was still undefeatable, he then confronts Maka and Soul. Maka's last hope of defeating Asura was the Genie Hunter, but Asura is still able to deflect all of her attacks. As Asura shoots at her, Soul blocks the shot himself to defend his partner, knocking him unconscious. Maka attacks him and is easily defeated. As Asura goes to finish the job, he notices that Maka has developed the ability to transform into a weapon. Still, Asura can deflect her attacks, but Maka is relieved since she is a fearless human being. This gives her more bravery, causing Asura to wonder what bravery really means. Asura feels fear as Maka approaches him and gives her last blow, that of a punch straight to the face. Asura is destroyed as he realizes that while everyone has madness, they also possess the stronger trait of bravery. Everyone regains consciousness and is relieved that Asura is no more. However, Kid fears the rebirth of another kishin. Maka remains confident, as everyone has bravery in their hearts. 

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