Witchblade (anime)
Genre Action, Supernatural, Sci-fi, Thriller
Directed by Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Studio Gonzo
Licensed by Madman Entertainment FUNimation Entertainment MVM Films
Network TBS
English network IFC
Original run 16 April 2006 – 20 September 2006
Episodes 24 (List of episodes)


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Witchblade (anime)

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Promotional poster for the Witchblade anime adaptation.

Witchblade is an anime series based on the American comic book by the same name. Instead of an adaptation of the original story, the producers decided to create an entire new setup, with all new characters. This co-production between Japanese studio Gonzo and American publisher Top Cow, who owns the rights for the Witchblade franchise, was licensed for release in the United States. The English dub premiered on the US cable network IFC in January 2008. The show aired on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 3:30 AM ET, and the series finale aired on June 13, 2008 on IFC. The show is also available on a purchase-to-download system on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The series is priced at 160 Microsoft Points and $1.99 per episode. The first twelve episodes are also available for download via Amazon's Unbox service. The show is also available on Netflix Instant Stream.As of December 2008, in the USA and Canada there were 6 Volumes on DVD available, with Vol. 1 having been released in September 2007. There is also a full boxed set containing all 24 episodes and an extra disc with special features. A Blu-ray box set was released on November 3, 2009.The anime was directed by Yoshimitsu Ohashi, who directed Galaxy Angel and Galaxy Angel Z, and the characters were designed by Uno Makoto, the character designer for Stellvia and Love Hina.


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"Sought by the greed of men since the dawn of human kind, but only bestowed upon the women whose fate it forever scars... The Witchblade. Is it the righteous sword of God? Or hand of the Devil himself? Now a new bearer has been chosen. And she must discover the answers for herself. As she stands on the brink of destiny, she is forced to seek the balance between ecstasy and ruin."-Anime prologue for each episode.

In this new approach to the Witchblade universe, the lead character (and blade wielder) is Masane Amaha, a kind-hearted woman who, despite her good intentions, is fairly clumsy and not good around the house. She lost her memory during "The Great Quake" that ravaged Tokyo and, curiously, Masane was found unscathed in the phenomenon's ground zero, holding a baby in her arms. Six years later, she returns to Tokyo with the child, whom she believes to be her daughter, intending to live a peaceful life. Unfortunately for the two, Masane becomes entangled in the struggle for power between a huge corporation and a government agency. She discovers that a mysterious jewel attached to her right wrist is actually the legendary artifact known as the Witchblade.


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Main characters

  • Masane Amaha (?? ?? Amaha Masane) age 23

  • Rihoko Amaha (?? ??? Amaha Rihoko) age 6

  • Yuusuke Tozawa (?? ?? T?zawa Y?suke) age 26

Secondary characters
  • Reina Soho (?? ?? Soho Reina) age 28

  • Maria (???) age 15

  • Reiji Takayama (?? ?? Takayama Reiji) age 34

  • Hiroki Segawa (?? ?? Segawa Hiroki) age 25

Minor characters
  • Masaya Wado (???? Wado Masaya) age 40

  • Rie Nishida (?? ?? Nishida Rie) age 28

  • Nora (??? N?ra) age 31

  • Aoi (???) age 15

  • Asagi (???) age 18

  • Tatsuoki Furumizu (?? ?? Furumizu Tatsuoki) age 65

  • Shiori Tsuzuki (?? ? Tsuzuki Shiori) age 26

  • Witchblade

  • Cloneblade

  • Ex-cons

  • Neogenes

  • iWeapons

  • Ultimate Blade


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  • Planning: Arthur Smith (GDH), Kenji Shimizu (Sky Perfect Well Think), Naotsugu Kat? (CBC), Tait? Okiura (Gonzo)
  • Executive producer: Koji Kajita
  • Executive producer: Marc Silvestri
  • Original story: Top Cow Productions
  • Series composition: Yasuko Kobayashi
  • Character design: Makoto Uno
  • Conceptual design & setting research: Shinya Ogura
  • Design works: Kazuyuki Matsubara
  • Art director: Junichi Higashi
  • Color design: Y?ko Sat?
  • Editing: Kiyoshi Hirose
  • Music: Kazunori Miyake, Masanori Takumi
  • Sound direction: Jin Aketagawa
  • Sound effects: Katsuhiro Nakano (Soundbox), Naoto Yamatani (Soundbox)
  • Producers: Osamu Nagai (GDH), Shin Hieda (SKY Perfect Well Think), Tsuyoshi Okazaki (CBC)
  • Director: Yoshimitsu Ohashi
  • Animation production: Gonzo
  • Production: Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting (CBC), SKY Perfect Well Think, GDH

Differences in the DVD and TV versions

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Due to the original version of the witchblade costume showing far too much skin, the series recolored most of the said areas into black for broadcast in Japan. These blackened portions were returned to the original coloring for the DVD release of the series. (The DVD version is what IFC is showing on cable TV.) The DVDs also contain many instances where the animation is cleaned up compared to the TV broadcast and in some cases whole frames are completely redrawn. The TV episodes are rated TV-MA in the United States.

Theme songs

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  • "XTC", by Psychic Lover (episodes 1-13, 24)
  • "Dear Bob", by Koologi (episodes 14-23)

  • "Ashita no Te" (?????), by Mamiko Noto (episodes 1-12)
  • "Kutsuhimo" (???), by Asami Yamamoto (episodes 13-23)
  • "Kod? -get closer-" (?? -get closer-), by Psychic Lover (episode 24)

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