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Anonymous may refer to:


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  • Anonymous work, a work of art or literature that has an anonymous, undisclosed, or unknown creator or author
  • Anonymous IV, a 13th century English student of medieval music theory whose works are a major source for modern scholars of that era
  • List of anonymously published works
  • Joe Klein, who used the pen name "Anonymous" while authoring Primary Colors


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  • Anonymous (group), the collective name of individuals that participate in certain online and real life activities, taken from the customary use of “anonymous” postings
  • Anonymous for Animal Rights, an animal rights group based in Israel


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  • Anonymous (film), an upcoming film
  • "Anonymous" (CSI), a first season episode of TV crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Anonymous (TV series), an Irish television show fronted by Jason Byrne

  • Rodney Anonymous, the stage name of Rodney Linderman, a Philadelphia musician and humorist
  • Jayson Sherlock, aka Anonymous, the single musician for the band Horde
  • Anonymous (band), an Andorran band
  • Anonymous (album), the third album by supergroup Tomahawk
  • Anonymous (Tyske Ludder album), the fifth album by the German group Tyske Ludder
  • "Anonymous" (Bobby Valentino song), a 2007 single by Bobby Valentino
  • "Anonymous" (Sleater-Kinney song), a song by Sleater-Kinney
  • "Anonymous" (Spacehog song), a song by Spacehog

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