The Basketball Fix
Directed by Felix E. Feist
Produced by Edward Leven (producer), Henry Spitz (associate producer)
Written by Charles K. Peck Jr. (story), Peter R. Brooke (screenplay) and Charles K. Peck Jr. (screenplay)
Starring See below
Music by Raoul Kraushaar
Cinematography Stanley Cortez
Editing by Francis D. Lyon
Release date(s) 1951
Running time 65 minutes
Country USA
Language English


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The Basketball Fix

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The Basketball Fix is a 1951 American film directed by Felix E. Feist.The film is also known as The Big Decision in the United Kingdom.


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  • John Ireland as Pete Ferreday
  • Marshall Thompson as Johnny Long
  • Vanessa Brown as Pat Judd
  • William Bishop as Mike Taft
  • Hazel Brooks as Lily Courtney
  • Johnny Sands as Jed Black
  • Robert Hyatt as Mickey Long
  • Walter Sande as Nat Becker
  • Ted Pierson as Police Lt. Garrett
  • Johnny Phillips as Rival Reporter
  • Lester Sharpe as Jewelry Salesman
  • Art Millan
  • Lionel Kay
  • Jack Reynolds
  • Donald Kerr as Headwaiter
  • David March as Hoodlum

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