Anna Lee (TV series)
Starring Imogen StubbsJohn RowePeter WightBrian Glover
Theme music composer Luciana Caporaso
Composer(s) Anne Dudley
Country of origin United Kingdom
Language(s) English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 6
Producer(s) Carnival Films
Original channel LWT
Original run 1993 – 1994


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Anna Lee (TV series)

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Anna Lee is a British television series produced by Brian Eastman and Carnival Films for London Weekend Television. Following a 1993 pilot, five two-hour programmes were produced in 1994, loosely based on the detective novels of Liza Cody. These were broadcast in the U.S. on the A&E cable network. The title role was played by Imogen Stubbs. Music was by Anne Dudley with theme song "Sister, Sister" and some additional songs by Luciana Caporaso (who appeared in the final episode). Considerable alterations were made from the original books so that sometimes they seem to share only their titles. According to actor Ken Stott's webpage :


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  • Anna Lee (Imogen Stubbs): a former police officer now working as a private detective
  • Commander Martin Brierly (John Rowe): her boss
  • Beryl Doyle (Sonia Graham): his secretary
  • Bernie Schiller (Peter Wight): a fellow detective
  • Steve Johnson (Wilbert Johnson): another fellow detective
  • Selwyn Price (Brian Glover): lives in Anna's apartment building, an ex-wrestler
  • Ros Russell (Ceri Jackson): a former police colleague, still on the force
  • Maggie Daniels (Sally Baxter)

Episodes and guests

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Headcase (Pilot)
[The pilot had a mostly different cast apart from Stubbs and Glover.]

  • Commander Brierly (Michael Bryant)
  • Beryl Doyle (Barbara Leigh-Hunt)
  • Bernie Schiller (Ken Stott)
  • Mr. Hahn (Alan Howard)
  • Thea Hahn (Kate Beckinsale)
  • Mrs. Westerman (Shirley Anne Field)
  • Quex (Eoin McCarthy)

Written by Andrew Davies; Directed by Colin Bucksey

  • Slinger (Anthony Newley)
  • Frederick Leary (Eddie O'Connell)
  • Alan Lucas (Tony Vogel)
  • Alistair Draper (Walter Sparrow)

Written by Anthony Horowitz; Directed by Christopher King

  • Peter Wainwright (Peter Firth)
  • Thurman/McKinnon (Michael Attwell)
  • Carla Wainwright (Jacquetta May)
  • Jane Marsham (Eve Bland)

Written by Douglas Watkinson; Directed by Peter Barber-Fleming

  • Adrian Wesley (John Bird)
  • Matthew Daniels (Jack Shute)
  • Jane Vermont (Mary Conlon)
  • Tania Jones (Jaye Griffiths)
  • Edwin Doyle (Tenniel Evans)

Written by Anthony Horowitz;

The Cook's Tale
  • Dominic Jones (Adrian Edmondson)
  • Laura Jones (Sara Stewart)
  • Eva Lambert (Ann Bell)
  • David Lambert (Robert Lang)
  • Mark Fletcher (Clive Francis)

Written by J.E.M. Brooks; Directed by Christopher King

  • William Gilmore (Jesse Birdsall)
  • Martin Mayhew (Greg Proops)
  • Mike Trevor (Michael Grandage)
  • Lucy (Luciana Caporaso)

Written by Anthony Horowitz; Directed by Peter Barber-Fleming


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Like his character Selwyn Price, Brian Glover was an ex-professional wrestler.

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